Eric Holder speaks at church on Long Island (some pictures )

Eric Holder, our Attorney General, went to Long Island on Sunday, December 13, to speak at what was called a public meeting being held at the Memorial Presbyterian Church located at 189 Babylon Turnpike, Roosevelt, NY. It was actually a church service and Holder didn’t speak until the end.DSCN0663 dp

Introduced by his brother, William, (who is a member of this church)

DSCN0694 dp

and with his 84 years old mother, Miriam, in attendance,
DSCN0755 dp

This was a morning dedicated to the youth of this congregation. That’s fine, it is the Christmas Advent Season, after all. So, inside the church politics was not on the menu, but outside there were about 40 -50 citizens who demanded that Holder stop the outrage of Terror Trials in New York City. The security that accompanied Holder denied this photographer and others as well the right to stand on a public sidewalk to take photographs.

DSCN0655 dp

DSCN0657 dp

They boldly stated they were taking away our First Amendments rights for the day and threatened to take cameras and make arrests if we did not cease taking pictures of the protesters…..


Hmmm….Guess that’s Eric Holder’s America for ya…. The future? Considering this church community is committed to their youth, to the future, it was disturbing to witness such faithful, “no-questions-asked” admiration for Holder based on race…not on deeds.

BTW- Since we couldn’t operate the cameras easily inside the church, this is as close as we could get: A short video of pictures with music!

Flickr link is here>>

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  2. This trial is not about just US people dying that day, but has people from all over the world that were murdered that day as well, this is showing a disrespect for the whole world, and a total slap in the face to the families of those people from around the world, same on the Us for taking the soul out of people around the world that lost family, friends, or loved ones. This is a slam at everyone but the Muslims, this gives them a kiss of love and thank you. sham on you

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