Congressman Tim “No Show” Bishop’s Townhall Meeting at SEIU (Hicksville, LI)

On Aug 13, 2009, Congressman Tim Bishop (1st District -NY) called a Town Hall meeting and was a no- show (again). So…the SEIU Union goons took the ‘town hall’ to the streets claiming they had no info re Bishop. But…funny how ready they were to have a ‘union’ meeting on the street corner… sound system was on the street corner before we arrived. Gathering of Eagles  and as well as other patriotic citizens made a solid showing expecting a Town Hall Meeting that became a street Town Hall “meeting”…. and the citizens seemed to out number the goons!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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6 responses to “Congressman Tim “No Show” Bishop’s Townhall Meeting at SEIU (Hicksville, LI)

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  2. Here’s another reason for Tim Bishop of NY to fear coming face to face with his constituents. displays screenshots (link is on the left column) of “stimulus” projects in New York’s 1st Congressional District that were supposed to create jobs, but the monetary awards are to out of district companies! This is probably true for other districts, too.

  3. Cong. Tim didnt show up at all? Was something in the local news paper stating why he was a no show? That goes to show folks that some of these politicians will leave their constitutents hanging in the wind.

    • From what we were told beforehand, his office announced he would be at the SEIU in Hicksville to support the union, to support Obama-Care. However, his office will also tell you that he was not scheduled to be there. This isn’t the first time he’s been a No-Show. He’s obviously running scared…

      • This is why folks should never leave their homes w/out a video camera. I tell folks that if they don’t own one, then at least carry a pocket tape recorder or a video capable cell phone. I’M SERIOUS !!!! Don’t let Tim continue to disrespect.

        If Cong. Tim keeps ducking & dodging then maybe somebody needs to call his office & tape record the conversation. This way folks can keep track of the lies. But let them know they are being recorded. Then post the audio on youtube. This is part of keeping his feet to the fire.

      • americanvalues

        Great suggestion re the phone calls. We’ll be sure to pass it on!

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