Obama camp plants fake doc, Che fan at Sheila Jackson Lee Forum

I was reading the Chron’s piece about Sheila Jackson Lee’s town hall, when something caught my eye:

One supporter, Dr. Roxana Mayer, a physician who does not live in Jackson Lee’s district, praised the reform plan for overhauling a broken system.

“I don’t know what there is in the bill that creates such panic,” she said.

In this video, Mayer claims to be a general practitioner, eliciting applause and even a hug from Queen Sheila:

I’m not sure why, but something didn’t smell right. So my colleagues and I did a little digging, and wouldn’t you know it? Roxana Mayer is, like, totally not a doctor.

But she is an Obama campaign volunteer.

Our own David Jennings secured a phone interview, in which Mayer admitted to impersonating a physician, saying — get this — she thought it would help her credibility. (It didn’t.)

Now here’s where it spins off into a whole new dimension of weird. See the bug-eyed woman seated behind not-doctor Mayer?

Look familiar?

Yes, that little ray of sunshine, who accompanied Mayer to the meeting, is none other than Maria Isabel, the unhinged moonbat who ran a Barack Obama campaign office, complete with Che Guevara flag.

Hell, she’s even wearing the exact same outfit she wore the last time we mocked her!

Good grief, the reporters at the ChronBlog have no shame. And Patterico caught them changing the caption on their picture without noting the correction:

UPDATE: Another shot of the Queen and her fake doctor.

Queen Sheila listens to her fake OFA  doctor.Queen Sheila listens to her fake OFA doctor.
Thanks to Matt Bramanti for that great report. We at The Silent Majority would like t0 add,  that Madame Sheila,  she also  listens ‘real good’ to her cell phone instead of her constituents. What a piece of work is SHEILA!

But, then…aren’t they ALL….


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