Tea Party (7-30-09) Hicksville, Long Island (video and pics)

America: What a Country!

On a warm Thursday evening in Hicksville,NY on July 30, 2009… 300-400 PATRIOTS assembled:Free Speech is still alive and thriving!

We will NOT be Silenced!

First the videos, then the pictures:

Some of the groups who participated are Individuals United for Freedom,Gathering of Eagles, Conservative Society for Action, Campaign for Liberty, 912 Groups, Long Island Tea Party Coalition, Rockville Center Tea Party and many others…

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And the former Lt. Governor of New York, Dr. Betsy McCaughey…

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pics from video (14)

pics from video (17)

Patriots putting the Pelosi/Reid/Hussein-Obama White House on notice…


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They’ve read all 1,018 pages (which is more than Congrss has mangaged to do) and America: She’s “Mad as Hell” . She iis NOT going to be pushed around by these petty tyrants: “No to Obama Care!” “No to Socialized Medicine!”

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This changey-hopey thing has gone as bad as we knew it would, but our Tea Party movement is growing. Take a look at this great report at Gathering of Eagles: A Carnival of Tea Parties, and get excited! We’re here!!!! And then send those e-mails, make those phone calls and attend those Town Hall meetings (if you can find them…)


Make sure Congress knows what we think about a Trillion Dollar deficit…

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DSCN6188 copy

And socialized, rationed ‘health care’… ALL are totally unacceptable!

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Thirty Days and counting…

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Save our Country…

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Stop The “Madness!

pics from video (1)

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