Emergency: “Tea Party 365” Needs YOU

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Take action! NOW. We need your assistance to make the Times Square Tea Party happen on July 1st 6:30-8pm with Stephen Baldwin, Margaret Hoover, Andrew Wilkow, KT McFarland and many others including you the concerned citizens who will be asked to speak.

We need to raise $10,000 to pay for the Tea Party expenses. Our speakers, organizers and volunteers donate their time and talent, but staging, lights and sound are some of our biggest expenses.

Please click below to help us reach our goal of $10,000 by Monday night. Forward this to your friends, families and coworkers and encourage them join us in advocating for fiscal responsibility. It is also their money that is being wasted. This event will rock the nation and let our elected officials know … We are New York.  We are America.  We will be heard – loud and clear.

We need your help today to make this rally happen!

Please Donate Here

With your help this will be a Tea Party to remember! Be a part of a growing movement of great importance to our city, states and nation. This rally will set the tone for months and years to come. Our government must hear our voices on July 1st.

With your help, this will be a Tea Party to remember! Be a part of a growing movement of great importance to our city, states and nation. This rally will set the tone for months and years to come. Our government must hear our voices on July 1st.

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, July 1st

Location: Times Square: Intersection of 42nd Street and 7th Ave, please enter at 37th St. and 7th Ave. Volunteers will be there to help direct you.

Time: 6:30-8pm

Notes: NYPD and the city were impressed with our Tax Day Tea Party and are very cooperative. Let’s give our men and women in blue more reasons to respect us.

– Signs on cardboard tubes only. No sticks or PVC tubes or NYPD will ask you to discard and keep the sign only.
– No backpacks, coolers or oversize bags.
– Please do not hang signs on barricades.

We are all in this together and your contribution and participation is crucial. Please visit http://www.TeaParty365.org for continued updates. We are in this together, one by one, town by town and state by state.

Thank you!

– Kellen Giuda, Founder NYC Tea Party, Co-Founder Tea Party 365
– David Webb, Co-Organizer NYC Tea Party, Co-Founder Tea Party 365

3 responses to “Emergency: “Tea Party 365” Needs YOU

  1. You still have time to order Tea Party shirts at http://tinyurl.com/superfreedom

  2. Sherrill Holley

    Yo City Slicker Patriots!
    Congrats on your Tea Party! Would be sending a contribution but am up to my ears helping to finance TEA PARTY PATRIOT activities in the boondocks in upstate Tri-State Vacationland, Orange County, NY.

    Love and appreciate fellow Patriots everywhere but am still bent out of shape over receiving an email “request for emergency funds” from the state of California” (Sacramento)…. Am I wrong??????

    As an old experienced fundraiser I consider this California solicitation far from kosher.

    Thosands of people getting hit up all over the country by Sacramento to send two people to a conference in D.C. (give us a break)! ….Heard from Mark Meckler when I complained. Seemed to have the attitude I should pack my bags and go on a guilt because I was “one of five” who didn’t cough up….

    Helloooooooooooooo. As I see it, that explains a lot about how President B.O. got into office. Nothing like dumbed down citizens jumping on wagons….
    Here’s to unsung heroes on the 4th of July!!!

    My son’s 8th great grandfather was second in command at Ft. Ticonderoga when he and his boyhood pal Ethan Allen took command without firing a shot. (Both fellows grew up in Litchfield, Conn. )

    Col. James Easton, CO of Pittsfield, Mass. Militia, owner of vast land holdings, builder and tavern owner, contributed his fortune to finance the Revolution; died a pauper and my son’s great grandmother eight times removed, hanged herself in their attic after sending their oldest sons off to war; only to have her husband end up in a debtor’s prison in Philadelphia..

    Do me a favor, please, somebody in Manhattan tell Mark Meckler to get a grip and stop acting like such a martyr. When it comes to going “bankrupt” (as he claims) – he shouldn’t feel like Orphan Annie.

    Moreover, what kind of an example is he setting if his claims are factual?IMO we’re in this mess in the USA because of people who lived beyond their means. I don’t know about you guys, but to me Meckler makes himself sound like “part of the problem; not part of the solution” we’re all striving for…

    God Bless America!

    Sherrill Holley
    WAC Veteran
    Tea Party Coordinater, Tri-States Vacationland
    (where NY, NJ, Pa, join to gether in Port Jervis, New York).


  3. Sherrill Holley

    You got the message!

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