Got this wonderful notice below from the ol’ Sheepdog in West Chester, PA. On June 27, 2009, they had (as usual) another fabulous  display of Support for our Troops.

WCRally6.27.09 019

Patriots All.

WCRally6.27.09 030

Check out their pictures and if you’re in the area: JOIN THEM! Every Saturday Rain or Shine!
Dear Patriots,
Tremendous rally today! One of the best in a long time.  We had 40+ and the anti-victory side had 9.
Several Highlights:
1) All of us had green wristbands on. The group photo and the individual shots look terrific.  I think it will help raise awareness that we stand with those who are repressed because they want freedom.
2) We had 4 Military Moms there, and we always love to see them.
3)  A young Army National Guard Private came by and thanked us for what we were doing, I took his picture and it’s on the blog – you’ll love what his t-shirt says.
4) Our friend Atlas (Pamela Geller) put us on her blog today!  She used our group shot and one with Evie, Mary, and Mary Lou.  Check it out here ( and be sure to read her blog everyday.  She’s the best blogger in the country right now, no one gets the scoops, reports, and videos that she does.  Thank you for plugging us Atlas!!
All in all it was truly a special and uplifting day.  Bright sunshine, mild temperatures, and non-stop honks, smiles, and thumbs up from all the people driving by. Thanks to all of you for making it happen.
Be sure to go to our blog and read my report and see the pictures ( also, check out Skye’s outstanding coverage at her blog Midnight Blue (
To The Troops!
To America!
To Victory!

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