Racist/Radical Muslims meeting this weekend in GA-No need to report on that… Nothing to see?

From TSM: Guess these racists  figured, “Why bother honoring the sacrifice of our military men and women this Memorial Day Weekend when we can replace it with hate-filled racism?” All  compliments  of a Black Power ‘convention’ of militant, black RACISTS. If this was a white , Christian conference there would be no end of the cries of ‘racism’ .  So why is this conference off-the-radar? Read their material below. Go to their site and then look for some coverage. Anyone? Anyone…? (Hat Tip –Free Republic)

The Black Power Movement presents

2009 National Black Power Conference

Malcolm X Birthday Weekend

Friday May 22 – Sunday May 24
Fri. 5/22 6pm-10pm
Sat. 5/23 9am-10pm
Sun. 11am-6pm

“Representatives from: Paris Texas lynchings; Oscar Grant Killings in Oakland; Megan Williams West Virginia Hate Crime case; Augusta, Georgia police killings; and representatives from 15 Black Organizations will update conference on a variety of issues such as: Racism, President Barack Obama, Police killings, gentrification, violence, education, Africa, attempts to exterminate the Black population, and other hot button issues. “

“”Self Defense and Black Power” — Members of the New Black Panther Party for Self Defense and other Black defense oriented groups have an intense interactive workshop that deals with variety of threats facing the Black Community including: The police, white supremacists, negative forces in the Black Nation, biological warfare and other threats will all be discussed. Exhibitions and demonstrations will highlight session. ”

“”Hip Hop, Black Power and Revolution?” — V-103’s D.J. Greg Street, Representatives from the Zulu Nation, Professor Griff, NYOIL, UNO The Prophet, Jasiri X, Block Entertainment and other industry heads give their spin on where Hip Hop is and how it will affect the peoples mindset in the near future. Is hip hop headed for revolution?”

“”Reparations: Report from our Leadership” — NCOBRA, December 12th movement, Lost Found Nation Of Islam and other National Reparations activists give actual facts on the status of the Reparations Movement. ”

“”Gang Summit” –– Chief Kamara hosts street organization activists and members or ex members of the Crips, Bloods, Vice Lords and El Ruk’ns discuss Gangs, street organizations and the possibilities for unity ”

“Tribute to the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad” — Panel will feature pioneers, beneficiaries and students of the Messenger and his legacy. Min. Abdul Rahman (NOI- Louis Farrakhan). Dr. Wesley Muhammad (True Islam-5% Nation of God’s and Earths), Representatives of Hon. Silis Muhammad, Imam Akbar Karim Bilal and others will bear witness.

“Political Prisoners: Prisoners of War” — Representatives from Prisoners Troy Davis, Mutulu Shakur, Jericho, Mumia Abu Jamal, Malachi Z York and other political prisoners give the status and needs of Americas not so secret shame- Political Prisoners ”

” No Black Man or Woman wishing to attend will be turned away”   “…for this historic first Black Power Convention in 35 years.”

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