It’s Midnight…And back on-the-street, do you know what your “PRISON RADICALS ” are up to?


Radical Islamists have targeted prison populations for recruitment for years. That’s where Jose Padilla, suspected of plotting to detonate a dirty bomb and convicted of conspiracy to murder people overseas and of providing material support to terrorists, converted and was radicalized.

That’s where a California man, Kevin James, created his own cell, called the Jam’iyyat Ul-Islam Is-Saheeh (JIS), and recruited other inmates to plot attacks against military and Jewish targets in and around Los Angeles.

From TheSilentMajority: “Why Worry”? President “Hussein” thinks our prisons are so ‘nice and safe’ that he’s decided to put a few of those smarmy terrorists in there with our ‘regular’ prisoners for ‘safe-keeping’.  Whats’ the problem? It’s just prison and that Muslim-Imam-Chaplain-guy is there and…What harm could he possibly do? (“Got Milk”?)

Radicalism in prisons is a problem that has been festering for years. The Department of Justice’s Inspector General issued a report in 2004 with a host of recommendations for tamping it down, but there’s little sign any action has been taken. [snip]

The Guantanamo prisoners will be looked up as jihadi rock stars and each one could potentially produce a hundred new ticking time bombs ultimately walking the streets of America. Although the President tried to reassure us that no inmate has ever escaped from a super maximum security prison, what about the newly indoctrinated jihadists among the existing inmates who will be certainly released after their terms are up? [snip]

Some, like the Muslim American Society, have dedicated prison projects in which they specifically collect money to send religious dogma to prisoners and underwrite volunteer chaplains. This effort is aimed not only at existing Muslims convicts but to convert non-Muslim inmates. [snip]

we saw what happens when they leave prison and follow an extremist path, buying into propaganda that the America is at war with Islam and they mobilize to act. It is time someone paid attention.

Congress needs to impose new rules that force BOP to mandate and operate strict investigations of those who preach in the prisons and the material they are allowed to import. Wahhabist literature, Muslim Brotherhood tracts calling for Jihad, Saudi produced Qurans that exude hatred for Jews and Christians – all of this continues to flow into federal and local prisons unhampered. To those who say this is a violation of the free practice of religion or free speech, that is pure nonsense.

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