Swine Flu: Even NYC Pigs are Concerned | NBC New York

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(a teeny commercia l precedes the video of the ‘Baron”)

Everyone remembers the nursery rhyme about the three little pigs.

One little piggy went to the market, another little piggy stayed home, but I don’t recall any little piggy’s wearing a surgical mask outside a city bar.

“Baron von Swine”, the mascot outside of Rudy’s Bar and Grill in Hell’s Kitchen, is now wearing a mask. Rudy’s staff usually dresses the mascot up for holidays like Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day. In this case, the bar’s manager Dan DePamphilis said they decided to have the ham go hygenic as a way to keep things light at the 9th Avenue bar.Regardless of how the city’s swine flu outbreak turns out, the “Baron” won’t be wearing a mask for long. The bar plans to strip the little piggy of his his mask in favor of a sailor’s cap Wednesday at the start of Fleet Week.

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