UPDATE(5-21-09)Build America Bust with google map

MORE on  massive bust near radical Dar al-Hijrah Mosque   in  Fairfax,VA


To clarify for any who may wonder why this is a story, the following is a  response from VA-United American Committee to a comment sent in to TSM:

The report says it takes place near the Mosque’s Islamist enclave. If it bears out that some are members of the Mosque, conducted Hawaladar transfers for the Mosque, etc… it certainly will have something to do with the mosque.  These are rational questions based on the radical nature of the mosque, the probable muslims involved  and their proximity to the mosque.  Maybe nothing, maybe something, but it is within reason to ask.

11 government agencies don’t spend 2 years on clowns.  Additionally, clearly this person does not know the area or have any insights into it.  Almost every Federal law enforcement agency has spent time in that area.  I’m sure more is to come.  Regarding the scope and sophistication of these “clowns”. “Lt. Richard Perez said the shopping center had become a regional destination for people seeking illicit goods at all hours.Fairfax Police said an underground black-market operation was active in and around the center. Lt. John Piper called it “a loosely knit underground economy” during a press conference May 7.”


Also, if your commentor is so confident about the benign and bafoonish nature of the area, they can feel free to walk into any of the Build America hookah bars, or walk up Dar Al Hijrah during Friday prayers, wearing a sandwhichboard with Mohammed cartoons.”  (TSM: Thank you. VA-UAC,  for that perfectly,wonderful clarification )

So…OF COURSE…we connect the dots…As was revealed yesterday in the NY Post regarding  our very own Home Grown Jihadists,”NY Terror Plot Foiled”

The FBI helps FOIL the plot! “Doin’ their job steadfastly” for a year AND then there’s this gem  that  CAIR sent out earlier in the day ( as posted in their email blast)

“CAIR continues to inform the community about the FBI‘s controversial use of agent provocateurs in American mosques and about the importance of using diplomacy and advocacy to ensure that American Muslims are treated justly by law enforcement agencies.”

Wonder what the next step will be…re the FBI- CIA…Pelosi and Company…

Update regarding a  statement  from CAIR that begs for clarification….”law enforcers’ ? Does this now include the FBI and characterize their surveillance  as acceptable? AND this is an odd term….” bias-motivated’ …. claiming these men are in contradiction to Islam? The floor is open for honest discussion:

“Nihad Awad, national executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, issued a statement praising law enforcers “for their efforts in helping to prevent any harm to either Jewish institutions or to our nation’s military.”

“We repeat the American Muslim community’s repudiation of bias-motivated crimes and of anyone who would falsely claim religious justification for violent actions,” the statement said.”

For more see original post here>>

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  2. Thanx for that clear and concise comment on the area and mosque.

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