“Solidarity” with “heroic” Gaza…where is our support for ISRAEL?!

(More pictures and videos from the protest when you scroll down the page)

An update on our ‘Hosts’ for these marches (as to be expected):Al-Awda NY: Palestine Right to Return Coalition, Arab Muslim American Federation, International Action Center, Brooklyn for Peace, USPCN-NY and the General Union of Palestinian Students , Adalah-NY as well as The ANSWER Coalition, Muslim American Society Freedom, Free Palestine Alliance, National Council of Arab Americans, and International Palestine Right to Return Coalition..No Surprises Here!

(picture above taken by RedSquirrel of VigilantSquirrelBrigade.blogspot.com)

Always ready to spew their hatred for Israel, the rabid Leftists (International Action Center, Code Pinkos, Al-Adwa, Adalahs and Answer) hit the streets of New York, Sunday December 28, 2008 (at 2 PM)  at 50 St and Fifth Avenue, with  a crowd of about 300 that also included “palestinians’ and the unfortunate Naturi Karta. There seemed to be an unending parade of muslim young men and women (many with children) Were they ALL pali’s? Guess we are ALL ‘fakestinians…if we ‘wannabe’…

Lots of NY city police (many more looking muslim each time there is such an event) and all are doing extra Sunday duty…over-time, right? Our tax-dollars at work! Cops standing on top of a truck, mounted police…extra officers standing all around…waiting… all ready to walk these anarchists and ‘palis’ over to the Israeli Consulate. Then, finally!…  there was a lot of rushing around at approximately 3 PM. The sidewalks of Fifth Avenue were blocked with over-flow so they started their march amid lots more instructions as they tried ever so hard to get  the marchers into  a single-file for the avenues( Second Avenue in particular was grid-locked with protesters) . Of course, there were lots of their own cameras (as ALWAYS) But, was there any press? We think not…it seemed to be the usual photographers that record their actions  for ‘posterity’.

Once we arrived at the Israeli Embassy, the Islamic Thinkers were waiting for the Fifth Avenue marchers and now the police earned their dollars…co-ordinating two blocks of marchers from 44 to 42 streets. Pens opening and closing as they did a lot of crowd control. Not sure this merits too many oo’s as the crowd was placed in narrow pens OFF the sidewalk for those two blocks so we’re not talking thousands…. Still, it was a large enough crowd to be unsettling.

There are many familiar faces in the videos and pictures and all calling for the destruction of Israel. Some people passing by look confused. Most just keep right on walking, but what should be of concern is that while these Anti-Israel protesters swarm our streets, we aren’t out there countering the lies and propaganda. WHAT are we going to do about this, America! The lies must be stopped!

To see all the photos from the protest go here>>

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

Code Pinko flipped us off at about 6:37 and Time For Prayers again  when 5 PM rolled around…

ATLAS SHRUGS has posted one action we must do NOW:

I IMPLORE YOU TO OFFSET THEIR CAMPAIGN AND WRITE IN SUPPORT OF ISRAEL. For every one of their email and calls, we should make 100!

Write your government representative now!

Email the State department here.

Main address:
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520

Main Switchboard:
TTY: 1-800-877-8339
(Federal Relay Service)

13 responses to ““Solidarity” with “heroic” Gaza…where is our support for ISRAEL?!

  1. Why do we let so many people who are against western interests into our nation? The anti-western protests in western nations is frightening.

    This is done on the basis of human rights. The muslim states are culturist. They do not allow pro-western protests in their lands. They know they have a side and are not neutral observers in the Middle East. We should also be culturist.


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  4. Deporting these islamic assholes and OUTLAWING ISLAM in America is the only way we can prevent future problems with these infantile muslims. There is another way but thats is too islamic for me.

  5. Have they ever protested like this when some Muslim creep blew himself up in a bus full of Israelis?


    Yesterdays videos are all posted now at The Silent Majority


    Any one in NY be sure to join us at the Israeli Consulate to Stand With Israel!!

    – December 30th at 5 PM
    800 Second Avenue between 42nd and 43rd Streets.

    Just came from the protest march this evening…I think this was evening bigger.
    They walked from Greeley Sq to the Israeli Consulate.

    posting on this later.
    Tomorrow we MUST STAND WITH ISRAEL!!!

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