The March of Islam in Florida (picture)

Islam was NEVER the way of Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Ol’ Mo invented his vile religion 600 years after Jesus. And Abraham and Moses…? These lies must be stopped! Get angry people…cause NICE isn’t gonna stop the assault on the West.


This is even WORSE than the signs in Seattle, Chicago and the New York subways. (See Seattle bus ad here>> )

Where is the outrage? WHY are we SILENT!

Florida picture from Atlas Shrugs>>

2 responses to “The March of Islam in Florida (picture)

  1. A huge Islam Billboard popped up on I-4 between Tampa and Orlando a few weeks ago. I think this is a sign of what is to come after Jan 20. We only have to look at Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the UK to see what we don’t want in this country.

  2. Islam is getting bolder and our political correctness and multi-cultural society is letting this cancer spread within the U.S. Very sad to see an oppressive religious and political doctrine not be challenged. Islam’s goal is to takeover the world and destroy the U.S. from within. Wake up America!

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