VIDEO: New, aggressive ad for anti-card check coalition!

From Rick Moran at American Thinker: “No sense in waiting for the new Congress to get up a head of steam on the so-called “Employee Freedom of Choice Act” and allow the unions to push this execrable legislation through.

To remind our readers, the EFCA would take away the secret ballot in labor organizing attempts. All that would be required for a company to become unionized is for a majority of workers in a shop to sign a card – in the presence of a union representative. The nightmare of marrying mobbed up unions with this open invitation to intimidate workers simply cannot be allowed”

To read his entire article here>>

The voice over is simple and direct:

Steel, Auto, Airlines

What do these industries all have in common?

Hundreds of thousands of lost jobs and union bosses that helped put them out of business.

If you think the economy is bad now, it could get worse.

Union bosses are pushing their own bailout bill in Congress that could force employees to pay union dues   against their will.

Economists say it will cost jobs and damage the economy.

Fight the Employee “Forced” Choice Act at

“If Americans like what the unions did to Detroit’s economy, they’ll love what the unions will do to the country,”

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