free-free “palestine” nut-roots post-election and still preaching hatred for Israel

Outside Egyptian consulate the Nut-Root Leftards are still living the lie about ‘Palestine’ AND they are belly-aching over their guy. He’s in. He twisted his way in to the Executive Mansion and they’re STILL not happy!

And Charlotte Kates, Mad-woman of the Left, she was of course there.


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Some info on Charlotte and one of her groups:

The International Solidarity Movement(also known as the Palestine Solidarity Movement in the United States) is a front group for the late Yasser Arafat’s PLO and its affiliated Palestinian terrorist groups, such as the PFLP and Hamas.The ISM has cells all over the US and Canada, but principally near universities and colleges and Ms. Charlotte Kates is their Mother-Hen.Leading a movement that wants revolution, and a radical socialist government.

This is the flyer for the freefree”palestine” event:

As Israel bombs Gaza…stand with the people of Gaza to break the siege!!!

Friday, November 7th
In front of the Egyptian Consulate
E. 59th St. and 2nd Ave.
Followed by a march to the Egyptian Mission to the UN and to the Zionist Consulate. 5-7pm

US, “Israel”, Egypt: End the Siege on Gaza
Open the Rafah Crossing Now!
Right to Food, Medicine and Freedom of Travel for Palestinians
Hands off the Palestinian Resistance
Right to Return for All Palestinians

Join Al-Awda-NY, the Arab Community, and their Allies as we protest the Israeli Siege on Gaza and its facilitation by the Egyptian Government.. .

Help the People of Gaza survive the Genocide Designed by the Zionist Settler State of “Israel”
Help Open the Rafah Crossing

Gaza just saw the murder of the 225th person due to lack of medicine. The situation is far more dire than the headlines reveal, parents are watching their children die on a daily basis due to lack of basic supplies.

Help us pressure the Egyptian Government to Open the Rafah Crossing so that Palestinians may access basic supplies to survive.

While Americans are reeling from a financial crisis, losing homes, jobs and access to education, BILLIONS of US DOLLARS are being siphoned to help “Israel” starve and kill Palestinians. …

Although the Egyptian People have long stood in solidarity with their Palestinian sisters and brothers, Palestinian have not seen the same humanity from the Egyptian Government. Like leading lambs to the slaughter, time and again the Egyptian government has forced Palestinians back into Gaza and has further tightened restrictions in obedience to the same “Israel” that wages war on the Arab World…

The siege on Gaza requires the participation of Israel, the US AND Egypt in order to continue to starve and isolate our sisters and brothers in Gaza. Join us to demand an end to the siege NOW!

Arabs from across New York join the calls of their Brothers and Sisters across the World, Palestine and Egypt and demand that Egypt remove the closure of the Rafah Border Crossing, allow Palestinians to access food and medicine, and to STOP facilitating the Israeli genocide of Palestinians.

And who is Charlotte Kates? (from Stop the ISM):

Charlotte Kates is known even among the ISM/PSM for her big mouth. In fact, she is actually brutally honest and openly has stated the real ISM/PSM agenda to the public unapologetically, even supporting Hamas. The PSM moved the Conference from Rutgers to Ohio State because Charlotte stated the ISM/PSM true goals to see Israelis murdered to make way for a Palestinian state. Her advocacy for killing Israeli children as being justified by calling them “fair game” was even too much for the Rutgers administration that reacted by canceling the Rutgers PSM Conference by trumping up an excuse of “wrong paperwork.” Rutgers couldn’t try the Georgetown spin of “freedom of speech” because of Charlotte’s open advocacy for murder.

Charlotte decided she was a Communist at age 13, so anti-Semitism fits with her Stalinist mind-set. The only difference between her and say, Adam Shapiro, is she isn’t as clever at dissembling. Her sanity could also be in question since, as a one time adherent to Scientology, she stated she was reincarnated from a past life where she once killed her mother with a ray-gun. She later turned on the Scientology Movement as controlling her mind. Charlotte is obviously of leadership quality and helps run New Jersey Solidarity and involved with a Rutgers anti-Israel group where she is a law student.

It’s hard to decide whether Charlotte Kates is evil or just pathetically entertaining. She has said that Israeli CHILDREN are “legitimate” targets for Palestinian suicide bombers.

* She is an avowed communist but would never live in a communist society, relegating that to others.
* Spokesperson for the anti-Israel ISM group New Jersey Solidarity .
* Also was a leader of Rutgers University’s Palestine Solidarity Movement .
* Authored the article “Israel Has No ‘Right to Exist'”
* Has said that Israeli children are “legitimate” targets for Palestinian suicide bombers.

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