Reopening of Intrepid-Patriots forced into background by police/anti-war protestors full police support

Saturday, November 8, 2008. American Patriots had gone to the Intrepid to show support for all our military but were forced into background, forced by our own city police to stand far away from the Intrepid. The police instead gave preferential treatment to the anti-war protesters. They escorted them wherever they wished. Placed them on the corner of 46th and 12th to ‘greet’ the public as they came and went from the Intrepid, making a mockery of free-speech by denying the same peaceful assembly rights to the Patriots. The Patriots were there to show the public how proud Americans support our Military and to show respect for the Intrepid. The anti-war protesters were there to show no respect to the military nor to the Intrepid.The video reveals the friendliness the police exhibited for two hours during this planned anti-war demonstration. Chums. Not to imply the police should be rude to anyone exercising their free-speech rights, BUT some of the police were rude and others simply impatient with the Patriots. (Chummy and patient with the anti-war protesters.) So what gives? TSM is concerned, post election, that this treatment of law-abiding citizens will continue unabated. Can we say “fairness” doctrine?

pictures will be posted later

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