Listen! as Obama Supporter Calls for Joe the Plumber’s Death

CONTENT WARNING: In yet another example of extremist rhetoric coming from Barack Obama’s supporters, KGO / San Francisco host Karel was caught on tape calling for the death of Joe The Plumber.

Warning vulgar and offensive language.

complete article at american thinker:

Left wing radio show host, and Obama supporter, Karel has stated live and on the air, “I want mother****ing Joe the Plumber dead.” Karel is the morning host on KGO AM Radio 810, San Francisco.

This was no off mike accident.(…) Karel calls for another man’s death on the public airwaves.(….)

2 responses to “Listen! as Obama Supporter Calls for Joe the Plumber’s Death

  1. Finally- Karel gets his due. He was the worst radio talk show host ever. What he said was minor compared to his other rants and his constant sly references to his sexual proclivities . Getting rid of him is a testament to Joe, and makes Obama’s election ok.

  2. Good riddance! Thats the 2nd one KGO just got rid of. The other one was a pedafile and is now in a Fed. Tx pen.
    This one should be there also. They have one more that needs to be gone also. He runs his stupid teeth all night long. He is also a liar as well as a ultra liberal talk show “host”.

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