McCain Manhattan waiting for Sarah at Rockefeller Center…

First the McCain’s went back to Washington Square. Surprise! It was a lovely peaceful march. Guess word got out to the Lefties: Be Nice!

THEN uptown to wait and await and WAIT…. to greet Sarah at NBC…

There are pictures posted at Vigilant Squirrel Brigade here >>

Now…a brief report on the McCain -Manhattan event from R.B.

About a dozen of us gathered near Washington Square Park around 1pm to campaign for McPalin at the street fair next to the park. As usual, we carried signs, handed out stickers and leaflets, and sold t-shirts. The mood was generally calm and respectful, quite unlike the raucous event on the Upper West Side of several weeks ago so widely reported in the media. There were some negative comments and disdainful stares – as usual – but just as many, if not more, positive responses. Passersby frequently expressed good wishes . . . usually sotto voce. Several times people actually patted me on the back and said to keep up the good work. In previous McCain-Manhattan events, people frequently conveyed good wishes but had never gone so far as to pat me on the back! The t-shirts we were selling went like hotcakes, to the dismay of people who later wanted to buy one.

Around 3:00pm we boarded the F train and went up to Rockefeller Center to wait for Sarah Palin’s arrival for her appearance on Saturday Night Live that night. A large group had already gathered outside of the entrance opposite Christie’s. Eventually a motorcade zoomed past and a lucky few got a glimpse of Sarah waving from her car. Then we chased after her car like excited children around the block to the other side of Rockefeller Center where her car vanished into a side entrance.

At that point there was such a large crowd that the Rockefeller Center guards had a difficult time getting us to move away from the entrance and sidewalk that we were blocking. We stood there in a festive mood for about an hour, holding our signs aloft, waving at cars, and chatting with tourists, passersby, and policemen (many of whom asked for campaign materials).

Later that night some of us gathered at a friend’s to watch SNL. Sarah was funny, charismatic, likeable, and down-to-earth – as usual – but the rest of the show was a huge stupid bore. I hadn’t seen the show in about ten years and I imagine another ten years will pass before I see it again. (see a video of one SNL sketch if you missed the show or got to Vigilant Squirrel Brigade for both…see link below)

Heeeere’s Sarah! (on SNL)

Both complete SNL sketches are posted at Vigilant Squirrel Brigade. Here>>

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