Update : Enraged Manhattan Democrat Beats Female McCain volunteer with a Stick

The Silent Majority has an update on the assault against a McCain Manhattan volunteer.

The District Attorney has filed charges of 2nd degree assault against burley middle-aged Democrat who lost it like a wild bull seeing red when, on Sept 15, 2008 at 51 st and Lexington (at approximately 5:30 PM) he saw the McCain Campaign sign, grabbed it, ripping and breaking it and then began hitting (unprovoked) a small, middle-aged female McCain volunteer. The assault was caused, apparently, because a McCain sign had appeared on the streets-of-Manhattan, That was ALL it took for this individual to become violent…a campaign sign held by another McCain volunteer who had not engaged this ‘passer-by’. The two McCain volunteers were talking quietly to each other when the assault began.

They had not even noticed the perpetrator until he began ripping the signs. He becamae enraged because he saw the McCain signs. He admitted this! He told the officers he didn’t know what ‘came over him’. It was just those signs and the campaign…it all has him SO UPSET!

The document from the District Attoreny is posted below. To verify…this was a real assault with further commentary by the female McCain volunteer who was beaten with a stickby this man. The only correction she had regarding the leagal document was that the sign was held my the other McCain volunteer and that injury was also caused to her right wrist.

According to the volunteer who was assaulted, this is what the anraged, out-of-control Democra did.

“He tore up a McCain campaign sign (unprovoked) and then took the stick from the sign and HIT me across the side of my head and face when I reached for our sign.  All I said to him was “You can’t do that”  But, I guess he felt that he could  because  that’s when he grabbed another sign (that was stack in a bag) and ripped that one , too! Then he broke the stick. I repeated, “You can’t do that.” I reached for the torn sign and he started beating me with the stick about my head and face as I tried to stop the blows with my right hand.

While I put my glasses back on my face, the attacker and started down the stairs to the subway. I followed him yelling that he should be stopped. He grew calm and stopped only when he saw that I had found two police officers at the end of the stairs to the subway. I pursued him even though I was still stunned from the attack. I had been hit across the head and face with a stick by a red-in-face stranger who was screaming “You people are ridiculous” (Over and over.)”You people are ridiculous” Why? Just because we wore McCain t-shirts and carried McCain signs?

Unfortunately, this man was only arrested because I had injuries to my head and wrist from being beaten with a stick. (I was surprised my glasses weren’t broken) but the police were actually going to let him leave the scene until I was able to show them he had injured me.

This  assault caught us all off-guard. It was completely unexpected and unprovoked. And then, coincidentally, a week later…as we marched politely and calmly through the Upper West side…we met more of this angry mob. I filmed our march that day and it shows we were met with constnat booing and flipping-off. This has  revealed an intense Democrat anger and hatred that should concern every American. Clearly, these people feel there is NO ROOM in America for an opposing OPINION.What has happened to polite discourse?

It will be very interesting to see how this assault plays out. Will the court consider it unimportant ?  If this had been a Republican male assaulting a Democrat female…would it be ignored? As I said to the reporter for France 24: “… Some people are losing control, and it’s not the people on the right. Never have I seen that (behavior) with any of the people on my side of the fence…it’s just not our way. Look at us, most of us have never been protesters …. Do I feel that the Left is aggressive and potentially violent? Yes, because we’ve all seen it.” I certainly have…first-hand!

Go here>> for the France 24 interview on the filming of the McCain Manhattan Upper West Side video

Below is the original post called “PDS has arrived (Palin Deranged Syndrome)”

And then…Did’cha hear the one about the DE-ranged Dem who lost it on the East Side? Physically attacking a McCain Republican JUST because he SAW a McCain Sign: He said,” This election just has him SO upset!” Hmm…so… he breaks and tears McCain signs and assaults Americans who are peacefully handing out flyers on a public street JUST because the sign set-him-off… Guess McCain-PALIN really is making a difference! And YES…the Dem suffering from PDS …(Palin Deranged Syndrome) WAS arrested! (this picture is prior to the PDS-Dem’s arrest) VOTE McCAIN-Palin!!

57 responses to “Update : Enraged Manhattan Democrat Beats Female McCain volunteer with a Stick

  1. Please advise the victim that she has more recourse than criminal charges, which may be dropped by the corrupt Democrat regime in NYC. She can sue the thug for assault and the abrogation of her civil rights. I encourage her to do so.

  2. You were so brave to stand up to this brown shirt thug. Thank you!

    They call themselves Liberal…hmmmm. With the degree of violence, “news” propaganda and voter fraud, they act like brown shirts.

  3. BenYachov(Jim Scott 4th)

    Brown Shirts the lot of them! Sue the bastard!

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  5. Please don’t call them Democrats. These idiots are no more Democrats than Obama is. They’re all just O-bots programmed with Obama talking points and sent out into the world to be rude and disgusting to win an election at any and all costs.

    It’s similar to the assaults these O-bots did to women in their own party during the primaries – that’s hardly liberal of them.

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  7. What a gentleman. They are losing this election so this is what’s in store. Watch your back people.

  8. I think it is totally disgusting that I don’t even want to watch the news. America is about free speech, and choices. I am tired of the liberals in my office who is so violent in their speeches agains McCain. I support McCain’s idea’s of working hard and less government in my life., and I don’t want any hand outs. I am also proud to be an American, but I am ashamed that I cannot even speak of any support for fear of these liberals. Just leave me alone.

  9. He’s a coward pure and simple. This is what happens when you endorse a side that has no basic moral code and embraces an “anything goes” attitude. You get slime like this. Hitting a woman in public for her political views. He’s damn lucky I wasn’t there.

    We Texans don’t take kindly to cowards hitting women.

  10. GOD SAVE US ALL!. They do not know what they do… how can so many Americans be so ignorant, and why can’t they see through Obama? FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT MCCAIN.

  11. Sorry. I should’ve been there, but I forgot about it.

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  13. E-mail me next time there’s an event. I’ll be there if possible.


  14. LiberalsCaused9.11

    This is what a Democrat is.
    Those who’ve voted with them in the past are deluded. This is not 1939. Those Democrats, if they ever existed, are long gone. These are Communists, people. They murdered 23 million as Communists and 9 million as National Socialists. Same people. We beat them and they went into hiding right here, in America, in our schools and the press.
    WAKE UP! Before it’s too late. You can’t fight bullets with daisies.
    This is what they are.
    And they have stolen the election, because we tried to play nice.
    Our leadership wanted to be liked, so they did nothing about ACORN. They said nothing about Ayers and the child-raping Communist Frank Davis, Obama’s mentor, until it was too late.
    Right now, Obama’s “Street Brigades” have orders to slash tires on election eve. God help you if you have a McCain sign in your yard or a sticker on your car.
    You may want to live under socialism, but I would rather fight and die a free man, than live under the Obama occupation.

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  16. the mAjority of those SO CALLED democrat are the radical socialist that do not belong in America county of the brave and free– they belong with all those socialist and communist terroist that want to overthrowour government. sEND THEM ALL ONE WAY TICKET TO IRAN AND COMMUNIST CHINA!!!

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  18. Behold the “peace-loving” left-wing crusaders for diversity, tolerance and understanding.

  19. Hmmm…..I wonder how many times this would have already been reported by the biased media if it had been an Obama supported attacked?

    Sickening, just plain sickening.

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  22. A similar thing happened to me when Obama came to Boston for a fundraiser on his birthday. I was the lone protester, holding a sign that said “Selected not Elected,” and I was harassed by young thugs. First one made a makeshift sign that read “idiot” and stayed glued to my side, pointing to me, and that emboldened the others who surrounded me, grabbed and ripped up my sign and threw it in the street. A veteran came over and dispersed them…the police had already told me they couldn’t protect me from any incidents.

  23. Fed Up With Them All

    What she should do is follow in the steps of Mary Kay Green who recently filed a lawsuit against MccAin/Palin for “hate speech”.

    The McCain volunteer in this case, should try to have criminal charges for a “hate crime” brought against the attacker.

    AND she should also bring civil charges against
    1. The attacker for violating her rights
    2. OBAMA for incitement (he is on record telling his supporters to get in people’s faces. ) to a hate crime. Of course, there is the small issue of time between Obama’s statements and the attack here, but some good lawyering should do the job.

    Hate crimes and lawyers for everything work for liberal fascists who hate this country, what’s stopping us from doing the same?

  24. The story in the article is hardly similar to your little event in Boston, zee.

    It does us no good when everyone cries wolf, it takes the edge off the real stories. We must remember that not everyone who is supporting Obama is unpatriotic or violent. The hyperbole doesn’t help at all.

  25. Marxists do not allow dissent. One is not allowed to go against the party.


  26. Oh, and Zee, I think you are a brave Patriot. Not many would have stood their ground as you did, during the harsh realities of MANY Obama supporters. WE must remember that they are all fighting for Marxism. To rid our nation of freedom. Freedom of Speech is the first to go!

  27. Wow, Kate, as a lone female physically swarmed upon by male supporters of Obama who were calling me all sorts of vulgarities, my incident might’ve ended up more similar still had the veteran not dispersed them. But, no worries. My intention wasn’t to take the edge off of this story, just to sympathize with her. Carry on…I didn’t mean to intrude.

  28. How come we don’t see his name? This kind of thing should be public record.

  29. To LLL- Even though his name has been published in other blog reports, The Silent Majority has chosen not to follow suit.

  30. Where is the MSM? Joe the pumber gets brutalized by the press and Joe the Democrat Attacker gets a pass. …then again, attacking wormn is the hallmark of Muslims, and, during B. Hussein Obama’s formative years he was emersed in Muslim culture. We know that when he was 8 years old he wasn’t with Bill Ayers plotting and bombing buildings in the USA. Draw you own conclusions.

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  42. What a disaster. Headline should read “Conformist, liberal fundamentalist attacks free-thinking female adult with stick.” If the Obamaphiles win this thing and there is a fillibuster-proof majority in congress than we are in for a long four years…

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  44. Charles Nickalopoulos

    After watching the “View”, I would believe anything about the Democrats. Well, I do not
    believe they should be called Democrats anymore, because it sounds like something that was happening in Germany, when Hitler took over.

    Obama knows if he is elected, the clowns attacking Bush, could attack him, so he will search for a way to shut them up. It is a paradox, the people supporting Obama, will be the ones that suffer more under him.

    Those loud-mouthed celebrities better be prepared to dig deep in their pockets, If Obama gets elected, because he will be coming after a LOT of their money!

  45. I believe that Democratic Party, ceased to exist when Obama and Acorn cheated their way to the nomination. Hillary Clinton won, but Obama was through, strong arm intimidation and out and out cheating, was handed the nomination. The CEO of the UN-democratic party for the convention was Rev. Leah Daughtry, and she has a sign in her church “THEY OWE US.” So you see the party has become the Black Liberation Party, and they plan to show us that they own the United States. Obama is not for America!
    Wake up Blacks, whites, Hispanics and all others, he is using you all just to get control of our country.

    Realize that there will be no competition because there will not be two parties in control.

    We will see another Hitler regime. We have seen his approach to getting what he wants, and stifling what he does not want. Examples: Alice Palmer, Hillary Clinton, Radio Station intimidation(to silence information ), and trying to take away free speech in Mo.

    How anyone can vote for Obama, just makes me shake my head. Do they not “Google” or read, or check out Axelrod.

  46. Check out the Oct 22 2008 PRINT edition of the newspaper Metro Santa Cruz. The online edition has the same picture but is too small to see detail (the important part). Pictured is Obama in his superhuman outfit with his foot squishing radio station KSCO, a small town conservative radio station. But the detail is in the stuff you cannot see online. The print edition has a swastika drawn into KSCO. The station is owned by a local Jewish family.

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  48. Obamais a sociallist, pure plain and simple. And socialism is just another way of saying communism. And i wonder, will there be riots if Obama loses? It would not supprise me a bit. My advice is prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Our country, our home is in dangerous times. I hope we can survive and keep the America we all love.

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  50. Maybe he was trying to knock some sense in her head. A person would have to be out of their mind to vote for, let alone campaign for a 72 year old man who wandered around the debate stage as if he were on another planet and selected a running mate who couldn’t even win a round on “Are You Smarter Than A Second Grader”. If you right wing nut case psycho’s think that any rational human being would entrust this country’s welfare to these two brainless idiots (dumb & dumber), take a double dose of thorazine. McSame graduated 894 out of 899 in his graduating class and Piglips took 5 colleges before she could graduate with a degree in Journalism (they give those out).Remember, nothing is harder to stop than an idea whose time has come to past. OBAMA/BIDEN 08′

  51. It happened to me once, the defendant’s confession was thrown out due to Miranda, then he claimed he just fell against me. The judge probably knew that his high powered liberal volunteer lawyer would just appeal anyway so he ruled reasonable doubt, case dismissed. My prosecutor had not subpoenad the list of witnesses because she was basing her case on the confession, I should have called the witnesses myself and asked them to come.

    I predict this liberal will also have a volunteer high powered lawyer. The victim needs her own lawyer in court, also, the District Attorney’s office needs to be told over and over that the defendant’s lawyer will trash the victim on the stand. I told mine three separate times and they didn’t believe me.

    The victim should tell the DA’s office they want a top prosecutor, and tell that prosecutor to object to everything the defense lawyer says. The objections will most likely be sustained because all the liberal lawyers do is wild courtroom antics. However, if the prosecutor is not ready for that, they will just get rolled over by the liberal lawyer.

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  53. Regarding the anger from Democrats for OBAMA.

    This video was sent to me, and I feel strongly that every American should watch it. It details the steps that are taken to bring a country down. One big step is to divide the people, the next is the media. both done.


    OBAMAS Words in his speeches were no accident. Each rally he went to sympathized with one group and attacked the other. Rich Republicans (no true, we have every group) Evil Republicans, bad FOX, the “rich”, against the poor, they, them, poor , minority, african, Muslim, students. He is “friends” with them all and is a master manipulator as he is charismatic. Please pass this on. Sorry you got attacked, I hope you pursue this ass to the fullest extent possible. Good for you for not letting the weasel escape.

    Please visit my new tarzan video part 2 at Youtubes AmericaGreatAmerica channel. Just doing my part in the 11th hour to pass the word. God Bless!

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  55. My parents have just received a hate letter for having republican signs up in their front yard. The signs were taken down on election day and the letter was received today (11.10.08). The letter told my parents that they are racist and bigots for having the signs out… that they should put a “for sale” sign up next time… that they should take a loaded gun and blow their racist, Motherf***ing brains out….

    I am disgusted and horrified by the hate crimes that my wonderful parents and other wonderful people are being subjected to.

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