Take a look back at Muslim Day Parade 2007. Then “BE THERE” this Sunday- 2008!

A fabulous assortment of reports from last year’s Muslim Day Parade. Read this report From Urban Infidel Here>>: Sunday, September 09, 2007 Muslim Day Parade

“Before the dirge-like march began, I took photos of a huge blue plastic tarp that was unfurled to ready for the opening prayer–which seemingly took forever. It outstretched the entire intersection at 41st Street and Madison Avenue. The men were gathered in the front and the ‘sisters’ were told, as they already knew, to sit in the back. They did and took their places all the way in the back. The Infidel Wanders Into the Tent After taking a handful of pictures, a man suddenly came hastily running up on my right with his arm outstretched. He cried out, ‘You can’t stand there. You have to move. You broke their prayer!’ I had no idea I had just short-circuited their connection to Mecca. Stepped on the ‘third rail’ as it were. If looks could kill.” For Even More U.I. pictures Go Here>>

From Jillosophy who found some very interesting toys for the kiddies:

“These items here could make good “stocking suffers” for the sad, pitiful children of Leftists – those who do begrudgingly participate in the heathen Christian Holiday hijacked by Satan’s heartless capitalists for the sake of their children’s all-too-short childhoods, anyway. After taking these pics I said, rather conspicuously, to my covert-ops partner, “This must be the Infidel Table… see? Pigs, dogs and monkeys.” The woman at the table swiftly removed them. Perhaps she was taken aback by the fact that I made the connection.”

To see more from Jillosophy Go Here>>

From Atlas….who had some interesting exchanges with the VILE, RACIST Islamic Thinkers Society


Atlas reported: Signage courtesy of the Islamist “Thinkers” Society. Their leader (above) knew me – said ah, look who is here, Atlas Shrugged.  A piece of our exchange is on the video – watch it. Interesting, his calling me an enemy combatant and  telling me to cover up (and btw I am wearing a long sleeved black shirt) – and making crude remarks about my chest. Ah Islamist holy men. So honorable…”

Flickr Slide show from 2007:

islamic day parade024

VIDEO:The Parade

NO SHARIA in the US of A
And God Bless America!


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