WHY I LEFT The LEFT (Vijay Kumar)

Vijay Kumar is running for Congress (Republican) in Tennessee


How can the Dems and the Lefties continue to ignore the warnings of people who have lived under sharia?! But, they do… Read some excerpts below and then read the whole article…and if you’re in Tennessee: Vote for Vijay Kumar! kumarforcongress.com.


By Jamie Glazov  FrontPageMagazine.com Wednesday 23, 2008

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Vijay Kumar, an émigré from India who is seeking the Republican nomination in a Tennessee primary Congressional race set for August.  He is running on an anti-Sharia platform. Visit his website at kumarforcongress.com. I had real issues with castes and class contradictions which were very visible and apparent and sometimes violent within Indian society. And so how do you eradicate those injustices? What are the methodologies? One methodology is leftist radical socialism and I thought at first that it might be the best solution. 

FP: So your belief system was tested when you came to America?

Kumar: Very much so. I came to the U.S. after the Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1979. I was still liberal by the standards of my homeland and I despised any and all forms of racism because of my feelings about castes and class contradictions in India. But after I came to the U.S., I saw another solution other than socialism and Marxism in the American free market society. Marxism sought to remedy injustice through centralized methodologies. The free market allowed individuals a chance to make it by their own will.  I embraced the free market because it did not replace one control system with another. I saw the free market as a far superior solution. The other thing I noticed right away was that America respects pluralism. Every other ideology I had come to know before tried to solve injustice at the expense of the freedom of others to choose differently. The beauty of America as I saw it was that one idea could be presented and then it is countered, and then ultimately there is a synthesis of the better of the two ideas that creates the solution. And it is a constant and never ending process. I found that there is no room for totalitarianism in America. And so I had to see Marxism for what is was, a bad idea created, sometimes, for arguably legitimate reasons in unfair circumstances, but still a bad idea. America had the solution with a free market society.

 FP: What are some of the things that first stood out for you in American society?

Kumar: I found America to be the most compassionate and open society. I have lived in and visited many countries throughout Europe and also my homeland of India and I found America to be the least racist country I have been in. When I moved to New York with my imperfect English, my heavy accent, and went for a job, nobody asked about my caste, my culture, or my religion. All they wanted to know was if I could do the job. And for the first time in my life I did not have to worry where my next meal was coming from. I did not have to worry that my opinions would get me physically assaulted or killed. Some might think it funny but I would see a man who looked like a nobody talk to a man in a very expensive suit and they would both insult each other with profanity. And then the rich man did not have the poor man killed. These same men you could see drinking at the same bar sometimes. This was America to me. And you will simply not find this in many parts of the world.  I felt truly free for the first time in my life. Like a wild horse.

 The thing to understand about Universal Jihad within Islam is that they love to believe in pluralism in Europe, in the United States, in India and in all infidel lands — they insist upon tolerance. But when it comes to places like Saudi Arabia, where they have total control, they deny basic human value to non-Muslims, and even non-Arab Muslims like a Pakistani Muslim immigrant to Saudi Arabia.

FP: What would you recommend for U.S. policy?

Kumar: American foreign policy must first begin demanding that countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan allow the same human rights to others within their societies which they enjoy when engaging the Western world. Otherwise these nations cannot be given favor, economically or otherwise, as partners in the civilized world community. Our foreign policy at the moment rewards and funds Jihadist ideologies, therefore emboldening the idea rather than us standing upon the principles that we claim to believe.


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