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Leftists March for “Science” and other Climate-mania

April 22, 2017 – 10:30am – Columbus Circle.

The MARCH FOR SCIENCE was billed as a non-political march.

It was anything BUT non-political.

Part One – Flickr slide show as the Climate-Mania apostles arrived.


As this “World of PURE IMAGINATION” assembled, the smug and oh-so-joyful  (well-informed) partisans mocked the Repub -“ignorati”and all things Trump.

Marching confidently to their different drums with a level of arrogance and naive ignorance that was astounding to behold.

Little pleasures, watching the smirks leave their faces when greeted by two stalwart Trump Patriots. “Thank God for Trump.”

And (later), greeting the marchers as they passed though Columbus Circle: “Trump in 2020”.

Comments and jeers were accompanied by that timeless classic: “Shame. Shame. SHAME!” [VIDEO]

The PARTISAN march began at approximately 11:30.  Another very, VERY long procession that moved slowly from 62nd Street and CPW to 53rd and Broadway.

The “Trump For 2020″ patriot from the start was greeted with “Boo. Boo. BOOO For Trump !” (and of course) “SHAME! Shame! Shame!!” [VIDEO]

Part 2 : Flickr Slide show as the LONG March begins to weave through Columbus Circle. NY-wise 62 st to 53rd st was not much of a distance so going SLOOOOW was important.


The marchers were organized into groups of specialties …. pairing like-minded messages into “sympatico group-lets”…. teachers, librarians, scientists, lab-rats, religious thinkers –

and … humorists … (No science – no cupcakes!)






Krypton. Mars. You name it. They were there.

Even those who care for the little children.

To Vaccinate – Or NOT- was apparently a hot PARTISAN topic.

Part 3: Flickr slide show:  The march rolled on and on … AND on. I marveled at the never-ending ignorance, arrogance and humor.


FINALLY, the end “approacheth”. The tell-tale thinning of the crowd was a relief.

Spread the joy. Educate. Illuminate.

How much JOY can one take in one march.

YOU LOST . Get over it!

Part 4  Flickr Slide Show :  The END of the very, VERY Long March of the smugly elite.  But, I repeat, seeing the “Trump in 2020” banner wiped the grin off many stunned faces in-the-crowd was fun. Plain and simple FUN.


To clarify, April 22, 2017 – 10:30am – Columbus Circle was one only one of two events planned in NYC. (I missed this. too much rain)

Noon, Foley Square was the other rally (with loads of speakers) and this unapologetic rally was POLITICAL.

Looking closely at EARTH DAY 2017, this YUGE joyful parade of gullibles was pretty much the same malcontents who participated in the PEOPLES Tax Day March and the Foolish Women’s Day March.

They feel complete again as they march and chant like the ELOI their are.

NOT an independent thinker amongst the hoards of disaffected with “replicant” signs proving that theory. “Ignorance IS BLISS“. (Have they no PRIDE?)

Looking ahead to their next big event, “Commie May Day” aka “Workers Unite  Day” it too is dedicated to “There is only one solution: Revolution” .

As they Smile. Laugh and March on . (Are they winning?)  [Video]

ADDENDUM : A link to a few articles on the Left, detailing our culture wars and how things are shaping up:

 From Daniel Greenfield:

What is satire saving the Republic from? Republicans. While making America safe for Socialism.

The left is devoutly convinced that this snickering can save America. That it’s better than the news. But the left’s faith in the power of its contempt has nothing to do with its tactical effectiveness.

Satire isn’t trying to save the Republic. It isn’t stopping Trump. It’s saving the left. Liberals need to believe that even their pettiest acts are ennobling. 

What a piece of work is a progressive. How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty. In action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god.

Contempt is the final refuge of failed tyrants. If you can’t rule, you can always sneer.

The left’s faith in contempt tells us far more about them than it does about the objects of their contempt. Art is a reflection of the artist. Some artists strive to create while others only destroy. The left remains convinced that it can create through destruction, that it can build a fair society through theft, an ethical society by destroying its values and a high-minded society through contempt.

It must believe in the redemptive power of its thievery, amorality and hatred. Or face a moral reckoning.

AOL One   &   AOL Two

Earth Day events that organizers have framed a “celebration” of science to counter a growing disregard for evidence-based knowledge.

March for Science, which includes “teach-ins” on the National Mall and parades in midtown Manhattan and hundreds of other cities and towns, is billed as non-partisan, aimed at re-affirming “the vital role science plays in our democracy,” according to the march’s website.

They scream re Trump and ” his administration’s skepticism about climate change and the need to slow global warming.” THEY have decided what is convenient fact: REAL FACTS be damned.

Non – partisan is NOT a TRUE fact. It is an Alternative Fact for their convenience.

From Katie Pavlich:

Resist This, whose motto was “we disrupt”: From Day 1 we have seen what people power can achieve: Trumpcare? Withdrawn. Muslim ban? Blocked. Now Trump’s entire fossil fuel agenda is next, and the People’s Climate March is a crucial turning point in that fight,” an email sent out by the group Friday states.

From John Hawkins:

Is it a shocker that millennials lean to the Left when they constantly have liberalism shoved down their throats by their schools, their favorite musicians, and Hollywood? Is it a big surprise that 51% of millennials do not support capitalism when we allow honest-to-goodness communists to teach them in college and liberals are publicly extolling the virtues of socialist hellholes like Cuba and Venezuela?

More from Town Hall’s Katie Pavlich on the very political organizers behind the Climate march.

From Cortney OBrien:

an excuse for yet another anti-Trump march in the nation’s capital. The March for Science – the first of its kind – will be a chance for activists to speak out against the Trump administration’s proposed “unprecedented cuts to the sciences in its proposed 2018 budget,” according to Live Science.

participants will be marching against Trump’s decisions to allow construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, roll back the Clean Power Plan, and threaten to pull out of the Paris climate agreement.

The organizers say the march is not partisan – but it is (VERY) political.

Partisans Yes. But, I suggest they WIPE that smirk from their collective face, ’cause : We’ll BE THERE!

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