Live From New York: Yad Yamin co-hosts NBC Protest

Feb 27, 2021 Outside 30 Rock/NBC.  Yad Yamin and others joined with Dov Hikind to denounce the shamefully blatant anti-Semitism coming out of NBC.

The world is on lock down thanks to the “plandemic”. Sadly, as tyranny takes wing, is this part of our “New Normal”: open season on Jew Hatred at NBC.

Protestors like Yad Yamin and others, along with Dov Hikind, were there to denounce NBC; to challenge this egregious anti-Semitism . (See Flickr Slide Show)


.Video 1 : Dov Hikind speaks to the press

Video 2 : The protestors gathered to make an impression on NBC (we hope).

The message conveyed to the media was a success. However, anti-Semitism has a low priority for the media-honchos so they drag their feet on the reportage.

“Never Again” is a powerful message so hopefully these racists can be ‘woke’ one protest at a time. March on. March on.

[Where indicated, pictures and videos property of VSB-Pamela Hall]

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