Glimpses of NYC Lockdown Street Life (summer / fall 2020)

New York and the “pandemic”, the city was a shadow of itself as the lock-down dragged on (from May thru September). But, people NEEDED to socialize, to share more than the silence of a locked-down solitude; not everyone was okay with this New Normal.

The city-noise, dimmed for so long, was broken nightly at 7 pm by banging pots and pans thanking essential workers. But, eventually, this nightly cacophony faded away, replaced by MUSIC.

Even though the lock-down dragged on, MUSIC was resurfacing at the restaurants’ outdoor seating, teasing us with a NYC that once was.

 But first, video (May 25, 2020) Two months into the 15 day lock down, the compliant New Yorkers, out of work and stuck in-doors, managed to ‘make noise’ every day at 7 pm . They were banging Pots and Pans for the “essential workers” and then, dutifully, headed back in doors.

June 2, 2020 (video) Midtown Manhattan. At this point we were three months into the 15 day lock down as stumbled upon an early evening bagpiper enjoyed by everyone passing by.

Sept 12, 2020 (video) Restaurant Row. 6 months lock down (not 15 days as promised) The musicians and singer at two of the restaurants had paused as I started filming, and then started up again with a happy couple dancing in the middle of 46th st. (nice)

Sept 27, 2020 (video) 6 month lock down. Found some buskers (New Orleans style) next to the still shuttered, Rudy’s Bar and Grill. AND then more great music on Restaurant Row. It felt like Jazz Night in the city.

Sept 28, 2020 (video) Saw what looked like a commercial rehearsing for the very popular Hold Fast Sports Bar on Restaurant Row.

However, even with these flashes of life , the lock down paralyzing this once vibrant city continues. Sad. Frustrating. Infuriating.

[Pictures and Videos Property of Pamela Hall]

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