“No Hate,No Fear” Solidarity March – NYC 2020

January 5, 2020. Foley Square – Another solidarity event but this one was NOT led by the hard-core Left (see Dec 31). They were there, they participated, but this solidarity aimed to rise above politics. [Face Book]

Estimates were twenty to twenty-five thousand people marched against anti-Semitism and hate. (it was HUGE)  But, expecting a coalition of the Left and Right to find solutions to these grave issues of race, religion, bigotry, expect divergence, not solidarity, to prevail.

Before the march, many Marxist/Socialist/Leftist progs hit the social media expressing concern that “alt-Right’ Jews” were hosting this protest/rally, hinting at a strained “coalition”.

Found the soc.commie.progs lurking at the North end of Foley, not mixing. Instead, pushing their socialist wares.

“Say No to Trump’s KKK”

Video – A taste of the crowd – waiting

.The HUGE march, as it headed over the bridge, was slow; very slow. I was told by some who marched at the back, that once they reached Cadman in Brooklyn – the speakers were finished. (it was that slow)

At the 11 am start time in Foley Square, New York Governor, Andrew M. Cuomo, began with a presser; his rai·son d’ê·tre Michael Miller (Jewish Community Relations Council) introduced the Governor.

[https://youtu.be/5xGGXKFLVBo] (full speech)

VIDEO (excerpted) Gov. Cuomo addressed the media (no one else could hear him) before he led the march over the Bklyn Bridge.

The Governor announced an additional $45 million in funding will be available to help protect New York’s religious-based institutions, including non-public schools and cultural centers, against hate crimes.

(White supremacy canard – compliments of the Lefties)

NY City Mayor, “Red Bill” deBlasio, said anti-Semitism in the decades since the Holocaust, never died.  So, today they are in solidarity with the Jews, but tomorrow, they will also be in solidarity with CAIR and Sarsour and all their anti-Israel BDS cohorts; perpetuating the lie that Islam is not hostile to Jews.

Vilifying the JEWS as greedy occupiers; perpetuating the lie that Islam is not hostile to Jews, deBlasio and his fellow commie/progs marched today for “photo-op SOLIDARITY”. But, it takes more than a photo-op to undo the years and years of bias and lies.

Flickr Slide Show


The Brooklyn Bridge. Politicians, some with questionable allegiances, marched for the photo-op: Tish James; Sen Gillibrand; Gov Cuomo ; “Red” Bill deBlasio (and his wife); Sen Schumer; Jumanne Williams and City Council Speaker, Corey Johnson. [Face Book]

A worthy cause: “.… we will march through our streets — proud, united, and strong.  We invite New Yorkers of every background to stand with us and say no to hate and no to fear.https://nyjewi.sh/marchnyc

 But, too many of these political hypocrites are at Fakestinian rally/protests led by CAIR; BDS protests that are anti-Israel.

For example, Letitia “Tish” James (from Public Advocate to NYC Attorney General) She is the first member of the Working Families Party to win office in New York State …

We’ve gotta stand up to an administration that is “too male, too pale and too stale”. …  we need to say that MUSLIMS are Americans too and they need to be treated with respect. DEFEAT Islamophobia and all those who HATE people who are different. I’m a Muslim tonight. I’m Gay tonight. I’m Latino tonight.  I’m Black tonight.[Letitia “Tish” James]

I have yet to hear James claim to be JEWISH ‘tonight’.

The tragedies in MONSEY. BROOKLYN. JERSEY CITY brought us all together and talk of DEFENSE is no longer taboo.The JDL, once vilified, starts to makes sense, even though still mistrusted amidst the misinformation regarding the org. and Kahane.

“Jewish blood is being spilled almost on a daily basis,” he told The Post. “The [New York anti-Semitism] march on Sunday didn’t even address the issue as far as we’re concerned.“We’re very concerned about the level of anti-Semitism coming from the black community.”The activist is planning to hit Manhattan, Brooklyn and possibly the Monsey synagogue in a three-or-four-day visit later this month. The JDL logo to this day remains a fist inside a Jewish Star. Its slogan is “Never Again.” …. his NYC mission is peaceful and he has no intention of instigating violence. [NY Post]

But the system under deBlasio protects the violent criminals. Puts them back on the streets. Public Advocate,  Jummane Williams  says: “We need NO reform in the new bail law; just speed up the trials.” (really?)

  “…. Demand that our establishment Jewish organizations stay “on point,” and vote back in Republican state senators to be a check on the hard left in New York – or else find yourself in the San Francisco of the East.” Jeffrey Wiesenfeld

++Links  to press coverage are at the UJA site with a list of those who marched. Noticeably missing: anti-Semite, Linda Sarsour and CAIR. The Muslim solidarity was not present nor accounted for.++

[Where indicated, pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall]

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