“Mercy For All” says NYC 33rd Annual Muzzie Parade 2018

“Indeed, in this [Quran] is notification for a worshipping people. And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds.” [Quran: 21:106-107]

33rd Annual NYC Muslim Day Parade.
 “Mercy For All”

“Please be part of Muslim Day Parade Organizing activities under supervision of newly elected Chairman Mr. Syed Mir Hussain Shah Sahib,
(on left in picture), who is one of the famous spiritual leader of Muslim Community in NYC & volunteering his time to support Muslim Day Parade to bring different communities together.”

“The love and compassion of Allah’s Messenger  sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allah exalt his mention ) for all kinds of creatures was not of the kind claimed by today’s ‘humanists’. He was sincere and balanced in his love and compassion. He was more compassionate than any other person. He was a Prophet raised by Allah, the Creator and Sustainer of all beings, for the guidance and happiness of conscious beings – mankind and jinn – and the harmony of existence. Therefore, he lived not for himself but for others; he is a mercy for all the worlds.”

Does this include infidel politicians like NYC assemblyman David Weprin,  who I espied at Muslim prayer. Is Weprin the EveryMan of Jewish infidels?

FIRSTLY, before the parade marched down Madison Avenue, there were the  Zuhr prayers.

“Please come with Wudu (ablutions) so we can pray zuhr on time & then start marching.”

The Imam’s speech before the Call to Prayers made a plea for prayer spaces in public schools as well as  Halal food in public schools; paid for with our tax dollars. (video)

The projected parade attendance was 20,000. By the time we reached Madison Park, I doubt there was even 1000.

Mufty Luthfur Rahman Qasimy  (in a pre-parade Face Book video) used many of the same inflated numbers stated in the parade prayer speech.

In the video: The Mufty claims that (in NYC alone) there are more than “800,000 Muslims. In the NYC /Tri-State area, it is more than 1 million. THEREFORE, Mayor de Blasio should be placing halal in ALL of NYC’s schools. de Blasio’s a great man, our mayor- who should be our NEXT President.He instructs: “All Muslims must show up to the Parade with families and friends and make the voice up to Governor and Mayor – also to President Trump  –  that we are not alone – we Muslims in New York – more than 800 thousand who can elect a Governor or Mayor by voting in coming election!”

 This was repeated at the prayers: “The City and State must provide Halal Food to all Public School and arrange the prayer spaces for the Muslim Students and preserved all the rights of minority!”

See flyers that were handed out at the parade (click to enlarge)

Flickr slide show of the “middle prayer” – the Zuhr prayer –  one of the Five Pillars of Islam, where one reaffirms they are “truly obedient to Allah”.


AGAIN, New York State Assemblyman David Weprin, shamefully trolling for votes (he’s up for re-election on 11-6-18)

At least he didn’t bow down to Allah.

“bowing low with hands on knees, as if waiting for God’s orders. The third movement is to prostrate oneself on the ground, with forehead and nose on the floor and elbows raised, in a posture of submission to God. The fourth movement is to sit with the feet folded under the body. In the concluding portion of the prayers, the worshiper recites “Peace be upon you, and God’s blessing” once while facing the right, and once while the face is turned to the left. This action reminds Muslims of the importance of others around them”

Also, trolling for votes: Muslim convert, City Councilman, Robert Jackson.

Jackson and Weprin managed photo-op/interviews as they marched down the avenue.

Heard Takbir, Takbir; Allāhu akbar (meaning Allah is greater (than your God) from 38th to 26th street

This year the Muslim Day Parade was Indonesian-centric with the Egyptian Arab contingent missing (even overheard another reporter asking,”Where is the Arab/Egyptians.”) The Middle Eastern Muslim presence was next to nothing. See Flickr Slide show:


Video of Parade – MISSING were the usual Lefty Jews (like Rabbi Michael Feinberg and Jewish Voice for Peace) Was the parade too small? Wrong Muslims?

What I did notice: The Rohingya banner jumped in to the parade after it started 

The flags not representing Arab Muslims, like the flag of Bangladesh.

Albanian Flag






Republic of Kazakhstan




Bosnia Herzegovina






And at the end of the march: The speakers

With only a a smattering of tents appealing to the women

A parade hanging on by a thread … while offering outreach to the ‘oppressed’

“The current executive orders issued by President Trump do not represent American principles. New York is home to people from all over the world. Our diversity is what makes New York City – and America – great. We stand side by side when any of us is threatened. All are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, without discrimination or bigotry. People of good will across faith, race, and political lines are standing together across America for the true values of this Great Nation” [COPO]

AFTER the PARADE, in Duffy Square (Times Square), I came upon some Turkish Muslims (who were NOT in the parade) handing out this brochure [click pictures to enlarge]

Is there a religious disagreement amongst the Muslim ranks? (found these complaints on Face Book ) Are both sides complaining?

Saman N June 22I really don’t understand who schedules these things without even checking the Islamic date. –  Alexandra Owens I thought they were going to not do this during Muharram again this year in the spirit of being inclusive. I’m unsure if this is just poor planning or intentional. [Muharram is a mandatory holiday in India, denoting the beginning of the Islamic year] – Saman N It’s intentionally poor planning to hold this on Ashura. [celebrated by both Sunnis and Shi’a Muslims, for different reasons]- Alexandra Owens Muharram? Again?

Muharram – is the first day of the Islamic year; the first month in the Islamic calendar. It is a month of mourning Imam Hussain, grandson of the prophet Muhammad. His family and handful of supporters were massacred in Karbala, Iraq by army of  Yazid  –  a descendant of hypocrites who raged war on Prophet, but joined Islam when defeated. ”  

[Where indicated Pictures and Videos Property of Pamela Hall]

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  1. When a Moslem declares “Mercy for all! it is an incomplete sentence which really means “Mercy for all Moslems”.

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