NY Lawyers Rally & March: ICE Out of the Courts!

On March 15, 2018,  at 4pm in Foley Square, Legal Aid Attorneys, Public Defenders, Unions and Community Groups came together to speak to the press.

They they marched to the Office of Court Administration to demand Chief Judge Janet DiFiore take immediate action to protect their clients: “ICE OUT OF THE COURTS!”

Their demands focused on DiFiore:After months of protesting, multiple walk-outs and rallies across the city and hours of advocacy, Chief Judge Janet DiFiore has still not heeded the call of New York City’s immigrant communities to prohibit ICE agents from entering NY Courts.

NOT Every one present agreed with this position.

He did get photo bombed at one point.

“This policy of continued cooperation with ICE puts our clients in danger, robs them of their right to due process, and makes the Office of Court Administration complicit in Trump’s horrific mass deportation agenda.”

The time has come to act. #ICEMUSTGO #DUEPROCESSNOW

This protest was hosted by Association of Legal Aid Attorneys – UAW 2325 and ImmigrantDefenseProject.org

Flickr Slide show


Video 1 – The opening speaker, attorney Jill Waldman addressed everything you might have wanted to know about their accusations, and protestations, their defense of ILLEGALS.

Video 2: ICE OUT OF COURTS. Sanctuary Cities- SI! Attorney, Yvette Fortune piled it on , adding her perspective on why Immigration Law is BAD.

Video 3 – It’s ICE and the GOVERNMENT WRONG, Illegals GOOD. Government BAD. NYC Attorneys DEMAND that ICE and Immigration Law be IGNORED

The marchers left Foley Square around 4:30 pm. Heading for Judge DiFiore’s offices. Could the world be any more UPSIDE DOWN?

[All pictures and video Property of Pamela Hall]

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