Debbie Almontaser and Yemini Americans Demand No Muslim Ban – EVER

December 27, 2017. Noon. Foley Square. NYC. Debbie Almontaser led Yemeni Americans in demanding No Muslim Ban – EVER.

CHAIN MIGRATION Yeah, that’s the ticket!

slide show


Part 1  video. Opening remarks were by Almontaser as she claimed to be a better American than Trump, accusing him of violating the Constitution by denying Yemeni American Citizens Family Visas. Also included is brief comments from a fellow Yemeni American who led the Bodega strike last February.

Part 2  video- NY Congresswoman Yvette Clark supports Yemeni Americans, Demanding No Muslim Ban.  Congresswoman Clark joined Debbie Almontaser in accusing President Trump of violating the U.S. Constitution by denying Yemeni American Citizens Family Visas.

Part 3  video-  a Yemeni American doctor spoke of his wife’s visa denial. The hardship she has suffered in not being able to join her husband due to the “Muslim ban” .

As the rally gathered, I was approached by a familiar face in the crowd.  No fragile flower, she was confrontational, unloading her fears of ME. All I do is take pictures and film like all the other reporters …

But she was threatened by my cameras, my presence at this rally. “WHY,” she asked, “Was I there?”

I expressed interest in covering all sides of the immigration issues, but she’s read my blog. They (she) are FRIGHTENED by what I’ve written – by people like myself reporting on the immigration issues. (really?)

There was still another hour of speakers, but it was WAY too cold. I had a good representation of their issues, so I moved on.

A point of interest regarding rallies from the left, it is now popular to chant USA USA USA. And Debbie sweetly encouraged her friends to enjoy their favorite chant. “After all,” she said, “THEY are proud Americans.” All well and good, but not sure why she had to add this caveat to the USA chant: They are “TAKING BACK THEIR America.”

Taking back? From whom?

[Pictures and video property of Pamela  Hall]

5 responses to “Debbie Almontaser and Yemini Americans Demand No Muslim Ban – EVER

  1. There is a Russian proverb:  Shit isn’t sunk. Debbie is there



  2. Dhabah doesn’t want you there, Pamela, because you know who and what she is. The failed Founder of KGIA knows that she was uncovered allowing the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrate a NYC Public School.

    She’s leading this pathetic movement because Linda Sarsour has stolen the limelight.

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  4. One of your photos is up at Creeping Sharia right now and I sent it to the White House email page, requesting banning of all MB groups and mosques.
    Love your new site!

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