Protest “Trump Care” Disability Cuts -Trump Tower

November 15, 2017. 1 – 3 pm.  Wheeling it Forward, Civics League for Disability Rights and DIA (Disability Integration Act) activists gathered outside Trump Tower to protest what they perceived to be devastating disability cuts planned by the Trump administration.

Just another day on the streets of Manhattan. Another day. Another protest.

Question: Will this be an assault against the disabled or is it an overblown drama created by the left? Two opposing links – from Slate and Fox News – gave me more perspective than did this protest.


Will Trump Healthcare mean these protestors no longer have access to their motorized wheel chairs?


In Third World countries, Communist-run countries, the disabled too often live without the most rudimentary wheel chairs, relying on the West to help them instead.


Will the U.S disabled. no longer get their wheels? Is this Fact or Fiction?

watch a short video

This was a small group of disabled activists. They brought their passion, their signs and their friends. But, were they well-informed?


Will there really be a crisis of Medicaid funds? Does the Trump/Pence Regime have an anti-disability agenda. Wish there’d been a real debate, with opposing sides…  to support their positions. IF ONLY ….

Short Flickr slide show


With no free exchange of ideas, I remain skeptical of their claims. Need more information. And not from the usual instigators of the Left.

After all, what really matters … to the Left …The meme: “NO Republican President can possibly be a GOOD President.” Yeah, that’s the ticket.

[Pictures and video property of Pamela Hall]

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