Marxists Host April 15 Tax Day March – NYC

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Saturday. April 15, 2017. 1 pm. NYC Bryant Park.

Familiar Marxist/Soc/Prog/Lefties. You name it. They were there.

Workers Party. Refuse Fascism. Revolution, etc, etc

The revolution leads another Dump Trump protest.

So many STOOPID people crowded into a few blocks – 41st St to 36th st at Sixth Ave.

Feeling Large. Smug. Annoying … Disgusting.

If this is the future, if THIS is America, we are in A LOT of trouble.

Arrived at 12: 45. Start time was 1 pm. Already too late to get any pictures at the staging area. It was jammed.

So, after a zillion pictures of the signs in the pen, signs of arriving hoards, signs as I walked thru Bryant Park ….

Tried to cross Sixth Ave. Nope. Had to use subway crossover for a longer view of the eager revolution.

Part 1 Flickr slideshow … “enjoy” their many signs:


Silly me … did not expect this “yuge’ crowd. Blocks. [41st to 36th St]

If you build it THEY will come (apparently).

Eager. Giddy. Intense. Smug. They came to bury COMRADE Trump not to praise him. Game on.

Someone from Jon Stewart’s show, a female, lamely attempted a “humorous’ monologue on HITLER. Seems Hitler didn’t like doing his taxes. Putin DID.

Whatever, her spiel didn’t seem to gather much momentum, even from her comrades in the audience. No matter. TAXES. That’s why we are here.

Trump’s Taxes remain the cause célèbre (Reuters)

The Working Families Party, one of the groups organizing the marches, said ongoing investigations into the Trump campaign’s connections with Russia underscore the need to disclose his returns.

“Without seeing his taxes, we’ll never really know who he’s working for,” said Dinkin, who expects the marches to draw at least 100,000 protesters.

Part 2 Flickr slide show: a few more signs, but also of the crowd-of-fools surrounded – guided – by their handlers.


Waiting. PATIENTLY to EXPOSE Trump. To bring him down.

2:30 arrived. Start-time for their VERY slow walk-march to Central Park and then … THE END (for now). The view below is from 46th st and Sixth Ave looking south.

These tools (thousands?) turned out for the ultimate raison d’être – a march through midtown Manhattan, demanding President Trump release his tax returns and CONFIDENTLY disputing Trump’s claim that “the public does not care about his taxes.”

The Talking points focus on Trump’s refusal to disclose his tax history, insisting his White House predecessors have been forthcoming for more than 40 years. Hey!  Man Up, Trump. Don’t be a CHICKEN. (an ORANGE chicken)

Of course there is more. His illegitimate presidency. Climate Change. Health Care. Open Borders. Islamophobia. Gun rights. Name it. It’ll be on a poster.

Anything that Trump and the Repubs claim represents America –  that opposes a Soc/Commie/Prog/Leftie Utopia – will be ON. A. POSTER.

When it comes to putting-on-a-show, drawing a crowd, the Left always has a plan: unfettered motivation (inspiration). It’s a religious experience.

Common Cause: They FEAR Trump. Keep the “workers” agitated AND (like little children) entertained.

The crowd. was. white. UWS white. Soc/Commie/Leftist/Prog white. Joined at-the-hip by hatred for Trump.

There is NOTHING to support the Presidency of Trump and Company. Resist. IMPEACH! …. dump trump.

Why? BECAUSE THEY CARE. They really care. Culminating in Not My President. Impeach him. DUMP TRUMP

Even fools have a role to play in the revolution: to educate, regurgitate the soc/commie/marxist palaver to their students. their congregants. their social networks … always reaching for their higher selves.

Part 3 Flickr slide show of the march and… more … signs


In their social justice world, the wilful ignorati, share common cause: They did NOT vote for Trump. (We got it. Understood.) From protest to protest, same ol’ same ol’ [wash. rinse. repeat] WE HATE Trump.

Pity the little children …

There really is a revolution, an up-rising “goin’on” that these tools can’t see for the sparkle-of-hate in their eyes.

AMERICA, across party lines, FINALLY has a plan: to slow, impede, to END this March of the Left SO… party-on … FOOLS.

See you at the ballot box. Where ever they are WE should be also. They will not stop till they have another “Obama” in the White House.

How the Left destroyed America. Socialism or die. Resistance 101. THEY. NEVER. REST.

++ Pictures and Video Property of Pamela Hall ++

Before March

Before March

Before March

The March



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  1. Kid with the Puppies and Kittens sign looks about 6 or 7.Her parents apparently think its acceptable to encourage her to hate the president.

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