video: Allen B. West in support of Israel (1-05-10)

Inspirational words from Lt. Col (Ret) Allen B. West: ” If you want to free Palestine, you give it back to the people who had in the first place, the JEWISH PEOPLE!”

2 responses to “video: Allen B. West in support of Israel (1-05-10)

  1. I couldn’t believe my ears, the TRUTH finally spoken instead of the PC diluted spineless stuff we are so used to hearing.
    This is fearless leadership and backbone. This is the type of American men US needs to hear. Lt. Col (Ret) Allen B. West is a wise and informed man. He has a lion’s heart and is not afraid to speak from the heart and speak the TRUTH.
    Very impressive.

  2. Well said Mr Jonah ,Yes he is everything that we the free need now !!! no doubt,here! and over there !
    We the christains must be unified,the muslim must be stopped

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