Free World Lawyers Fight Back Against Islamist Lawfare

Go on the offensive. Seize the moral high ground. Expose fake “facts.” Expose the whole agenda. Lose the fear of appearing to be “Islamophobic” and bigoted

Free World Lawyers Fight Back Against Islamist Lawfare

By Madeline Brooks  Sunday, March 14, 2010

A groundbreaking conference was held on March 11, 2010 at the New York County Lawyer’s Association in downtown Manhattan, just half a block from Ground Zero. More than 200 people packed a standing room only space to hear legal experts define how jihadists are using both domestic and international laws to undermine the credibility of the free world’s legal structures so that they can be replaced by Islamic laws.

Our own laws and values become a tool of war for jihadists.  Therefore, understanding lawfare, the use of the law as a weapon of war, is vital to protecting our liberty.

The Chinese General Sun Tzu wrote in The Art of War that when fighting a stronger enemy one must begin by “seizing something which your opponent holds dear; then he will be amenable to your will.”  Islamists know that our democratic societies are built on complex legal structures, which are indeed very dear to us. If Islamists can befuddle our defense against their aggression by the use of our own democratic laws to protect ourselves, or even – going further – if they can deprive us of the benefits of living under these laws, the heart of our civilization will be destroyed.  After that, an Islamist victory would be a piece of cake.

Here are the key points in the jihad campaign against our democratic legal system:

  • Free speech must be shut down so that jihad cannot be brought to public awareness and stopped.
  • The legitimate tools of self-defense must be stripped from democracies, so that they cannot fight back against Islamist takeovers.
  • The authority of sovereign, democratic states must be impugned and delegitimized so that jihadists can win the battle for public opinion and capture the moral high ground.
  • Build a critical mass of pro-Islamist, anti-democratic sentiment in the United Nations, which can spread throughout the world.
  • Create regional voting blocks in the United Nations that shut out the democratic nations and deprive them of a vote – all in the name of ‘democratic process.’
  • Demonize Israel.  Inflame the world with hatred for this target made easy by ancient prejudices. Once the most vulnerable of the free world democracies falls – this seat of the core values of the Judeo-Christian world – the rest of the non-Muslim world will fall too.
  • Create fake “facts” regarding Muslim history and victimization.  Deny actual and obvious acts of Muslim aggression.
  • Create a body of international law that weakens national sovereignty, opening the door for a world wide dictatorship.

What can we do to stop this onslaught?

  • Go on the offensive.
  • Seize the moral high ground.
  • Expose fake “facts.”
  • Expose the whole agenda.
  • Lose the fear of appearing to be “Islamophobic” and bigoted.
  • Capture the bad guys and support the good guys.
  • Do not cede national integrity to international law, which must be understood as being based on a weaker set of agreements than national law, and therefore, less binding.

Just to repeat a key point: the legal system of a democracy is its conceptual infrastructure.  It must be kept strong to prevail against enemies. Brooke Goldstein, the director of The Lawfare Project, and the organizer of this excellent conference, will hopefully continue to provide more of these vitally important meetings.

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