Black Forum 2010 (NYC) Panel 2 (video)

The topics in Panel  2 are  Health Care and  Health Care Reform. Crime (Statistics, Employment, Choice, role models, family- fathers)
Part 2 -Panelists: Niger Innis, Jehmu Greene, Pras Michel, Vincent Morgan, Michel Faulkner

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Part 2


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Part 7 (may still be processing)


On Feb 24, 2010, the Henrietta Wells Livermore School of Politics (Host Committee), Manhattan Republican Community Coalition, New York Urban League Young Professionals, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. / Alpha Gamma Lambda Chapter  and distinguished panelists came together to tackle important issues during Black History Month at the third annual Black Forum 2010.

This year’s bi-partisan forum focused on Employment, Business, Education, Health Care and Crime, not just politics and Community outreach with a broad and diverse audience in attendance. There were two panels. Each Panel is posted in  10 minute segments.

Panel 1 can be found here in six parts.  Panel 2 is in seven parts

BTW: There are moments when camera is not still. Had no platform, tripod was used as a mono-pod (so I could elevate above the heads) C’est la vie! It was a great 2 hours.Very glad to be there.

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  2. Excellent coverage of the forum.
    Quite a few interesting ideas presented.
    Definitely food for thought.

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