Black Forum 2010 (NYC) Panel 1 (videos)

On Feb 24, 2010, the Henrietta Wells Livermore School of Politics (Host Committee), Manhattan Republican Community Coalition, New York Urban League Young Professionals, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. / Alpha Gamma Lambda Chapter, and distinguished panelists came together to tackle important issues during Black History Month at the third annual Black Forum 2010. This year’s  bi-partisan forum focused on Employment, Business, Education, Health Care and Crime, not just politics and Community outreach  with a broad and diverse audience in attendance.

There were two panels. Each panel is posted in  10 minute segments. In Panel One,  Part 1 is the introductions and  Parts 2 -6 are the Panel and the Q and A.

The topics in Panel One are Employment / Business (Small Business Development, Corporate Flight, Jobs) Education (School Choice, Options, Vouchers, Trade School, Community Colleges, Mentoring/Community involvement, e.g. OHBM / Eagle Academy)

Part 1 panelists: Charles Payne, David Banks, Tara Dowdell, Marc Lamont Hill, Janks Morton

Part 1-The Introductions

Part 2: Panel One Begins

Part 3: The Panel continues

Part 4: Panel 1  Finishes and Q and A begins

Part 5 – Q and A continues for Panel 1

Part 6 : Conclusion of Q and A for Panel 1

Videos for the Second Panel are posted here

BTW- There  are moments when camera is not still. Had no platform, tripod was used as a mono-pod (so I could elevate above the heads). C’est la vie!It was a great 2 hours and I was very glad to be there.

For more info on the Black Forum go  the Black

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  1. Excellent coverage and interesting subject.
    You’ve hit another home run!
    Can’t wait to see the rest.

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