Ron Paul and the Paulites at CPAC 2010 (video and pics)

CPAC 2010 had “The Paulites” swarming all over it and on Friday, Feb 19, two of those ” Paulites” introduced Ron Paul.

Observation: Ron Paul and his son , Rand, both support Adam Kokesh for Congress. However, Kokesh is  an IVAW , ANTI- military, ANTI-American protester who’s now pretending to be a Republican. How can Ron Paul be trusted as a Presidential candidate when his “judgement of character” is so flawed? (BTW – where was Adam Kokesh? If he represents ‘the REAL conservative”? Why not introduce Ron Paul?)


The videos are excerpts from his speech….


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


More tof  the “Paulites”at CPAC are here

See more on Adam Kokesh here

5 responses to “Ron Paul and the Paulites at CPAC 2010 (video and pics)

  1. Kokesh is NOT anti-military, nor anti-american. The claim is ridiculous. To have opinions that are anti-establishment is as American as apple pie. Kokesh supports a strong military and a strong America. He simply believes in the US Constitution; that war must be declared, the politicians should get out of the way, let the military do its job, then bring them home. Considering that Ron Paul, (who holds the same position) got more donations from active duty military than ALL of the other GOP primary candidates COMBINED indicates that the troops support this position.

    Further, the fact that we lost more troops to suicide last year than to enemy action indicates a serious problem with our Foreign Policy and I believe, as conservatives, we need to lead this debate.

    • When Kokesh was with IVAW, he marched with the, groups, International ANSWER, Code Pink, SDS and others of the far-left ilk. .IVAW has also conducted campaigns to convince active-duty US military to illegally renege on their oaths of service. Also, I notice you have conveniently ignored the fact that Kokesh illegally purchased a firearm while he was a marine overseas and then illegally carried it onto the grounds of a US college campus. Adam Kokesh is seriously damaged goods and the voters of New Mexico deserve to know his FULL story.

      • Uhh… I didn’t conveniently not address any point you raised. The fact remains is that the war itself is illegal and immoral. A soldiers first duty is to the Constitution and an unconstitutional war puts them in a very troubling place. I suspect that is a large reason why we lost more troops to suicide last year than to enemy action. He did encourage troops to consider the path taken by Michael New and Erin Watada and I will agree that the rhetoric was edgy. In justifying this I remember Barry Goldwaters quote: Extremism in defense of Liberty is no vice, and moderation in defense of justice is no virtue.

        About the gun. He did not “carry” the gun onto campus, it was locked in his car. Yes, he did take home a war souvenir against regulations. I don’t think it is that big of a deal and he accepted his punishment as a Marine. The most decorated Marine in history stated: “You’re not a real Marine until you get busted down once or twice.”…

        I believe many of the gun regs in the service are an infringement on second amendment rights and think it ridiculous that they are not allowed to be armed on military bases… Had the troops been armed, Ft Hood would have probably never happened…

        Finally, Kokesh’s ability to work with groups he does not agree with is a sign of leadership and is the very thing that will insure a victory for the GOP in NM3rd

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