(Video)”Islam and the West…. Religion or Political Ideology”

On February 8, 2010 in NYC,  Andrew Bieszad spoke on  “Islam and The West” (part 1) which was followed by a Q and A (see Part 2) that focused on “Islam: Religion or Political Ideology “



Part 2 : It was a spirited Q and A with the focus on “Islam: Religion or Political Ideology comparing Christianity and the sects of Islam, the meaning of jihad as well as the problems surrounding Muslim assimilation in the West.


Education is imperative, for America as well as Muslims, particularly those who are living in the West. Everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim, needs to learn what the Quran really says. No more da’wa implying that “Islam is just a religion like any other”. No more taqiya.

Our colleges, our churches and our synagogues; at work or at play, all are under assault. Reclaim the right to ask serious questions about Islam and the West, without fear of being called a ‘racist’. The time to take back America is now.

Consider joining us in DC at The Freedom Defense Initiative on Feb 19, 2010

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