A short post from Allen B. West: The 4th quarter 2009 (Oct-Dec) Federal Election Commission (FEC) report is in!

Greetings to all of you who will read this short post. Most times I send you all my assessments of the events happening in our Country and around the world. This time I want to do something different, extend to all of you a very Special Hat Tip.

The 4th quarter 2009 (Oct-Dec) Federal Election Commission (FEC) report numbers were made public today. I want to share these figures with you because it is a testimony to the power the American people possess. Most noticeable to everyone was the $677, 586 raised in that final quarter, with $707, 151 cash on hand at years end. In comparison to incumbent and our opponent, Congressman Ron Klein, who raised $330, 140 but still has $2.4M cash on hand.
We outraised a sitting US Congressman, actually we outraised a lot of people! And with our very targeted and aggressive direct mail fundraising program, our donor base continues to grow.
Based upon these fundraising achievements, DC based “The Hill” paper today listed Klein as one of its quarterly fundraising losers. Also, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has officially placed us into the “Contender” group of its Top 15 Congressional challenger races.
It is a sad thing, but being a viable candidate is not based upon your courage, competence, conviction, commitment, and character, it is based upon your cash. We have now shown that this campaign can excel in all areas.
This accomplishment is not about Allen West, it is about what all of you have done. You have shown the political insiders in Washington DC that the people can indeed raise up and support a candidate from among their ranks. I have always held it as an honor that our FEC report lists individuals and their contributions. Sure, there are PAC contributions such as Iraq Vets for Congress and others which share our principles of governance and philosophy on issue, but they make up a small percentage of our contributions.
Hence, a very Special Hat Tip to the people of Congressional District 22 and all of you from across our great Country. No longer will we be slaves to the special interest dollar and their influence with incumbent politicians. We are going to show DC that the people are the ones who own the political process. We can win this game they have established, turn the tables on them, and rewrite the book on campaigning.
Ron Klein will now up his game and we must be ready to beat him again this quarter ending 31 March 2010. I can hear Klein running to Mama Nancy Pelosi and Chris Van Hollen of the Democrat Congressional Committee crying. He is probably calling up ACORN and SEIU pleading his case. This is now a duel between the progressive liberal machine and us, and I love a good fight. We pose the greatest threat to the Obama regime, a true American patriot and black conservative, Obama and Klein are going to need Depends.
I just cannot say thank you enough and our goal is to evidence that Oct-Dec 09 was no fluke. We are a laser focused and not only shall we command the issues, embody the spirit of America, but also will compete in the area they felt solely their own, campaign fundraising.
Always consider me YOUR Gladiator, the Man in the arena, just as Teddy Roosevelt spoke of, just enable me to be armed with a strong shield, sturdy spear, and strong sword…….and I will win the Victory for YOU. I will not grow weary in the pursuit of this noble endeavor.
I am deeply honored to be closer to serving my America, and my fellow Americans once again!
Steadfast and Loyal,
Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West (US Army, Ret
More from  Lt. Col. Allen B. West here: http://gowestforallenwest.wordpress.com/

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