Islam and the West…Can They Co-Exist (video)

A thought provoking evening sponsored by a New York Chapter of ACT regarding “Islam, the Koran, Sharia and the West…Can they co-exist?”.

(Part 1) Speaking on Muslim immigration, assimilation, the Constitution and Islam is Lawrence Auster.

(Part 2) Speaking on Theology and Islam is Andrew Bieszad.

(Part 3) The Q and A that followed their individual presentations. TAKE NOTE: don’t hesitate to use your own speaker controls to adjust levels. There were different levels in the room. Video is pumped up, but you may want to also control it yourself.

10 responses to “Islam and the West…Can They Co-Exist (video)

  1. The theological expert offered that the more religious or fundamentally ‘orthodox’ a Muslim became, the more likely it would be that he would support or openly seek to fulfill its central tenants including jihad. The geo-political speaker concurred that this would exist–no matter what another country did or didn’t do. It has existed over 1,400 years within the religion/ideology. So, the weak, misinformed arguments of the West that, if the US would not venture onto Muslim lands or deal with other religions/countries in a certain way or, as Osama just purportedly said, not contribute to “global warming” (hilarious!)–we would be left in peace. These are false propaganda based arguments which the enemy has used well over many years in the leftist press. The truth remains that Muslims are simply commanded within their own religion/ideology to seek to convert, conquer and dominate other countries/lands. They seek a global Caliphate, with the whole world united under Islam.

    According to the texts, non-Muslims are considered less than full human beings. Those people who deny Islam as the supreme faith do not warrant the same dignity or rights of a Muslim. So, in addition to wanting our lands, they would deny our very humanity and equal rights. There is no equivalency within sharia or Islamic law regarding what the West considers basic ‘human rights’.

    It’s time to learn the truth about Islam– to teach our citizenry to understand this existential enemy– particularly the global jihad which has been openly or secretly waged over the last four decades and continues now… within the US and without.

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  4. Why do we need to even ask? The West learned this vital lesson before 732 AD. Why did Charles Martel run Islam out of France? Read the history of the Christians that got butchered in Bordeaux before Martel made war. History should provide you with a very real view on Mohammed and his cult

  5. One member of the audience asked whether we should aim to assimilate Muslims into our Western societies rather than banish them from the West.

    Evidently, this individual was not paying attention to the explanations pertaining to the tenets of Islam which both Speakers have been busy imparting in an effort to educate the public.

    Such individuals should be scolded for proffering such idiotic questions since they are wasting precious debating time and largely preventing the airing of wholly sensible questions from other members of the audience.

  6. Muslims must be:

    1. Converted
    2. Expelled
    3. Killed

    Or we, the Infidels must convert to Islam and Shaira Laws, pay infidel tax or die.

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