The video: Shatner Gets Served By Palin (12/11/09)

The former Alaskan governor showed up on “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” to trade barbs – of sorts – with actor William Shatner.

The iconic “Star Trek” captain has made several appearances on the late-night talker in recent months, mocking Palin’s speeches and tweets via her Twitter page by reading them as beat poetry.

Friday night had the 78-year-old Emmy winner parodying Palin’s recent tome, “Going Rogue.”

“I looked down to see the moose’s eyeballs lying in his palm, still warm from the critter’s head,” Shatner said, her book open in his hands.

Palin, who has been touring the country to promote her book, came out on stage and turned the tables – making poetry out of lines from the original Captain Kirk‘s 2008 autobiography, “Up Till Now.”

“My whole being resonated with incredible feeling that I was going to go visit with an elephant, on a starless, moonlit night in Africa,” Palin said, Shatner’s book in her lap. “And I was going to visit that elephant in my underwear.”

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The gag scored laughs, and both Shatner and Palin departed the stage holding hands.

“It’s good to finally see those two together,” Conan quipped afterwards.


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