NYC City Councilman Charles Barron (former Black Panther & Race Hustler) highjacks community college ground-breaking

For Information on Press Conference/Rally at New York  City Hall on December 14, 2009: Go Here

There’s no anti-American, no anti-Israel cause this racist, Workers Party supporter will find unworthy.

And  yet his district continues to “elect” this thug over and over, this man who jumped on stage and launched a tirade against those who “disrespected” him.  To the surprise of this racist fear-mongering bully,  the honorable Jeffrey Weisenfeld, a  college trustee,  dared to challenge the unhinged Barron who then accused his critic of being an “ignorant racist” — a smear he repeated over and over again.

This disruption was in front of dozens of spectators and reporters in a tent at the groundbreaking for the new Fiterman Hall, which was destroyed in the World Trade Center attacks. Weisenfeld did not back down .  “This individual has no civility,” Wiesenfeld told reporters as he left the ceremony later. “He has no personal decency. All of us can have a persecution complex. My parents, my wife’s parents were in concentration camps, I’m sure his ancestors were subject to slavery, but that is no excuse for his ill-fitting conduct in public, the way he deals with other public officials.” Weisenfeld also noted other controversies in Barron’s career — such as  hosting the controversial Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe and holding CUNY retreats in which he “incites” students — Wiesenfeld said Barron had acted “like a thug” at the ceremony.  (Seems Barron objected to where he was sitting and when he was speaking during the event.) “To stand next to our vice-chancellor and say basically, his body language, ‘I’m gonna speak now whether you like it or not.’ Weisenfeld said, “Someone has to speak up about it. This has been going on for a decade with this guy.”

After his name-calling, “You go to hell” tantrum, Barron  invoked those  “poor children” who had to witness this  ‘racism’.

Well, just in case you haven’t seen some of the stellar results of Charles Barron’s progressive Acorn-influenced/William Ayers (Zinn-Chomsky) government-school education, here’s a little taste of those “poor children”  reciting their mantra, “This is what Education Looks Like” . 

Hey, Charles, how about setting a good example for these kids…you know… like…. Be a MAN instead of throwing a fit like a child with,  “He took my seat…WAAAAAH!” Childish hissy-fits and brutish, disgraceful bullying…that’s Charles Barron and his ACORN chums ; his Workers-Party comrades; his Code-Pinko terrorist enablers. they  have corrupted our free and honorable electoral process our schools, our colleges and our communities:

Ignorance of who these insurgents are is no longer acceptable. At the 2009  Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) the panel focused on How Liberals Destroy the American Election System. Part 3 is  Heather Heidelbaugh, of the Republican National Lawyers Association. Heather’s section was very interesting as she discussed the NY TIMES cover-up and spiking of ACORN prior to the November Election.

Also, at CPAC , Cleeta Mitchell talked about ACORN (at about 1:56)she speaks of her daughter’s personal experience at the polls and intimidation ACORN-style by thugs(it would make an old Black Panther like Charles Barron proud)

Enough of the Charlie Rangel/Jesse Jackson/CHARLES BARRON thuggery.

And, as if there isn’t enough to think about, American Spectator has a great article:  Soros Eyes Secretaries

It’s a  thought provoking addendum to this Charles Barron tantrum. Clarifying what it all really represents. Barron is just one of many racist-thugs (read his wikipedia, that’s an eye-opener) He’s part of the anti-American machine  supported by George Soros. Read on and add not just ACORN but the Soros-funded  Secretaries of State across the country to your watch-list.

  • Charles Barron
  • George Soros
  • Workers Party
  • Hamas
  • Castro
  • Code Pinkos

Decades in the making, this is just a  sampling of the machinery; the Pelosi-Reid-Obama cabal  that was set-up to take down America. They must be stopped. No more stolen elections. What America needs now are more Jeffrey Weisenfeld’s. Speak up. Say “No” to intimidation.  Democrats and Republicans on both sides of the aisle  deserve honest, proud-to-be-Americans in office  who will proudly serve the best interests of AMERICA. It’s time to remove the Charles Barron’s  from office. 2012 is closer than you think!

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