December 20, 2009 as SNOW hits the East Coast and the West Chester Victory Rally (see the Creche at the West Chester Courthouse)


Great news. The Nativity was given a new location!

Go to http://americansheepdogs.com/?p=4311 for complete report of their weekly rally and  the rescue of the Nativity Scene from the Atheists. Scroll to near end of their post for update:

“After the rally, several of us helped Colin Hanna move the Nativity scene to the High Street side of the courthouse.  We are grateful that the commissioners gave permission to reposition it.  The snowfall made it look especially beautiful

12.5.09rallySnow 041 12.5.09rallySnow 037 12.5.09rallySnow 039

Thanks to all the Sheepdogs, especially Fred, Pauline, Dennis, Howard, and Bill who helped relocate it.

12.5.09rallySnow 043

After moving the Nativity, I drove to mom’s house to watch the snowfall with her.  The house and foliage looked beautiful so I took this picture.  Mom has the house nicely decorated and you can see the US Flag on the porch.  You can’t tell from this picture, but she’s standing waving at the door.

To all our troops, we remember you at times like this, and we want you to know that as you fight the fight for freedom, you are not alone.  We stand behind you, and we pray for your protection and victory.

Thank You Troops.  Thank You Military Families.

God Bless America!


Below is the original post:


CALL and /or send them a Christmas Card
Chester County Commissioners’ Office
2 N. High Street, Suite 512
P.O. Box 2748
West Chester, PA  19380-0991

Or call them and talk to them or leave a voice message. Please be polite.
Phone: (610) 344-6100

For the third year in a row, the Chester County Commissioners have allowed the atheist group “Free Thought Society of Philadelphia” to set up a “Tree of Knowledge” just a couple feet away from the Nativity scene on the historic courthouse lawn.

Read the complete report at American Sheepdogs: (oops, the original post seems to be gone…maybe because the Sheepdogs WON!)

The creche …notice how rude and large the Atheist Tree is to the much smaller and completely in-offensive creche! See the pictures of the display, the website signs, and book covers below.

nativity2009 016 nativity2009 010

nativity2009 011 nativity2009 012

nativity2009 013 nativity2009 014

nativity2009 015 nativity2009 017

nativity2009 018 nativity2009 019

nativity2009 021 nativity2009 022

nativity2009 004 nativity2009 023

The Tree of Knowledge is “decorated” with book covers promoting atheism, secularism, and attacking religions, especially Christianity.

Carol AicheleTerence Farrell, and Kathi Cozzone have done a major disservice to the community.  They are paid a lot of money ($80,000 a year) to make decisions. Either they don’t care what the people think, or they are too stupid or incompetent to make a comon sense decision.  We pay these 2 commissioners $160,000 – we expect a little leadership for our investment.

YOU DON’T have to live in town to call or email or send the Commissioners Christmas Cards! tell yem you read about this outrage on-line. “There is plenty of room on the courthouse property to ensure it is not set up so close to the creche.” Demand they do was is right! “The Free Thought Society deliberately sets it next to the Nativity to mock it.  ”

To add insult to injury, the Tree of Knowledge contains three signs on it with the website of the Free Thought Society clearly visible. I believe that you are not allowed to advertise a special interest on public property.  But again, this is the third year in a row that Aichele, Farrell, and Cozzone have let them get away with advertising their website on courthouse property at Christmastime.

God Bless you all!

2 responses to “2nd UPDATE! (good news) POLITICIANS do not ALLOW ATHEISTS TO PUT THEIR DISPLAY ON TOP OF THE NATIVITY SCENE IN WEST CHESTER, PA (you called! Chester County Commissioners)

  1. Thanks for posting this – we really are close to having the commissioners reconsider their lousy decision, but we need more phone calls. I hope your readers will take a minute, call, and ask for Carol Aichele – if she’s unavailable, then ask to be patched to her voice mail and leave a polite but firm message. Thanks so much. We are fighting hard here in West Chester, PA – and we appreciate all your help.

  2. Should have cut the tree down or made them move the tree

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