“Thanking the Guard Dogs” from Lt. Col (ret) Allen B. West (includes podcast)

25 November 2009
LTC(R) Allen West

Greetings to all and I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I pray that as you come together as families you are in good health and spirit. Regardless of all that is occurring in our Country, we still have many blessings for which we all should give thanks.
As I sit here today and prepare for tomorrow my thoughts hearken back to the times when I was not able to be with my family. I think of those days when my family were my Brother and Sister Warriors who were also away from their families. I remember how we all would have our meal and comfort each other with stories, jokes, and the bonds of camaraderie.
Today I was appalled to learn of three of my fellow Warriors who will not enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving. Three US Navy SEALS now stand charged and preparing for a courts-martial because of giving an islamic terrorist a swollen lip.
This comes on the heels of  Army Chief of Staff Gen Casey respond to the islamic jihadist attack at Ft Hood by being more concerned about “diversity becoming a casualty”. Having Secretary of Defense Gates reply when asked if Ft Hood was a terrorist attack, “I am not willing to go there”. And most egregious, having US Attorney General Eric Holder express his intent to convey our Constitutional rights and grant civilian court proceedings to five 9-11 conspirators. His reasoning for doing so?
Holder wants to evidence to the world how just and fair our judicial system is. My retort, our judicial system is fine, as it is intended for Americans.
It is very clear that there are three types of people; sheep, wolves, and guard dogs.
Tomorrow I shall give thanks, thanks to the “Guard Dogs”. I will honor and ask God to continue to bless those who stand on Freedom’s rampart providing us that hedge of protection. I give thanks to those, who in the face of being led by sheep, remain undeterred in executing their mission, safeguarding the flock from the wolves.
I give thanks to the Guard Dogs who are deployed in Afghanistan and have been waiting for a strategic vision from a Commander-in-Chief, clothed in sheep’s wool.
I give thanks to the three Guard Dogs who gave the terrorist who planned the killing, dragging, burning, and hanging of the bodies of four Americans a “fat lip”.
Attorney General Holder once stated that, “American is a Nation of cowards”. No Sir, you are wrong, America is a Nation that produces the finest pedigree of protectors. Unfortunately, someone started breeding sheep and they have risen to positions of leadership. I would even understand if there were a few Rams.
On Thanksgiving remember and honor the Guard Dogs, not the sheep, they are the ones who maintain the secure perimeter around us. They are the ones who when they lose a comrade to the wolves mourn but remain vigilant and resolute in their dedication.
They are the ones who enable us to live in the “Land of the Free” because this is and always shall be the “Home of the Brave”.

Happy Thanksgiving….
Steadfast and Loyal











Click picture of the Colonel to hear him deliver this message in person:

Best Wishes to all for a blessed Thanksgiving from Lt. Col. Allen West and the Go West Blog Team

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