Heads up! Tomorrow (11-10-09) Col.West on Malzberg!

In direct response to the podcast created from Col. West’s appearance on Savage last week re the Ft. Hood Terrorist Massacre, the fabulous Steve Malzberg made arrangements  for Col. West to do an interview live on the Steve Malzberg show tomorrow, Tuesday, at  approximately 4:30 pm est. (Be prepared for it to be moved a few minutes forward or back.)

For the few folks that might not know him, Malzberg was number one in his slot FOREVER on the graveyard shift on WABC up until a few years ago and  is now number one in NY among the most highly valued demographics. He is obviously thriving in his new home http://wor710.com is the address for the internet stream.
The show is on from 4 to 6 pm live on AM dial at 770.
For more on Lt. Col. Allen  B. West  (ret) go here
There is a chat site for the show at  http://na710n.com/register.
You can go to  today and http://na710n.com/register register for Steve’s chat site and then light the thing on fire tomorrow while Col. West is on.
Let WOR know just how many loyal West supporters there are in NY!
Here is the show web page:  http://www.wor710.com/pages/3600488 where you can listen live!

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