2009 Muslim Day Parade- NYC

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The 2009 Muslim Day Parade went off as planned. We never expected a little rain to stop them…and it didn’t. However, attendance seemed small compared to previous years, even during the look-at-me-I’m-a-muslim prayers.




Was that rain related? Who knows, but after we took the usual pictures and video, we walked down to Madison Square with the parade; with NO crowds of parade-watchers along the route…literally…NO parade-watchers, period!


Imagined we see lots of food and craft vendors, as in past years, but there were noticeably fewer.



There was some more  Sunday in the Park with “Mo”, of course…


The police, though basically polite, were also confrontational. Without provocation on our part, apparently just because “we were there….”, the Muslims felt a bunch of non-Muslim Americans taking pictures of their parade was of concern. They felt ‘threatened”?! HELLO…it’s a PARADE on Madison Avenue…what do you expect?! That no one lifts a camera and keeps on walking…? Don’t look at the Muslims. Don’t take their picture? The most ridiculous statement the officer made was, “We were taking too many pictures!!”  Fortunately, First Amendment rights prevailed and we continued taking pictures, quietly, as we had been all along.




The final float seemed to be the Muslim Day Parade’s Theme: “2010 Census, it’s in OUR Hands.”

from video

from video

WHAT is in THEIR hands….hmmmm?

We felt a far more appropriate and meaningful theme should have been, “Remember and Never Forget the Victims of Sharia Honor Killings”


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UPDATE: that Crazy “Rabbi” strikes again. This video is a fabulous catch! Feinberg reveals himself again as a major BIGOT! And the police should be ashamed. All parades can be photographed and filmed EXCEPT the Muslim parade? Go figure…

Part 1

Part 2

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3 responses to “2009 Muslim Day Parade- NYC

  1. What a pathetic excuse for a parade. Being at the last two year’s parades it looked like there was at least a quarter or more, less participants this year. I know that will be blamed on the rain but other parades, such as St. Pat’s, Columbus, Puerto Rican, Israel, West Indian, etc. have large turnouts regardless of the weather. Not to mention they are much more joyous parades.
    The most disgusting thing is the first time they actually had a band is who it was, the NYPD band. Do they remember that 23 of their fellow officers were murdered in one day by these savages. I am hoping by the size of the band that it was not the whole band and only some members participated and others had the good sense not to honor a murderous vile ugly ideology.

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