RIP: “it’s only life” (video)

Hearts ache in shock at the brutal murders of so many beautiful young women; MURDERED in the name of the VILE  MOON-god-allah.

This lovely young girl singing in the video below has been murdered in an ‘honor’ killing. Murdered like so many others by their husbands-fathers-brothers. These wretched men come to our countries where they, too, are FREE from the nightmare of living in sharia thug-ocracies. They lie their way into our societies with their multiple-wives and daughters who are  then tortured, abused and ultimately murdered.

These beautiful young women are marked-for-death because they now live in a FREE -society where  they can BLOSSOM. Their executioners bring them to the land-of-opportunity and expect these girls to continue to live trapped in the 7th Century.  But, they are no longer living under the BOOT of islam so they become  a threat to the shriveled ‘manhood‘ of these followers of satan.

WHERE is the protection  for these young women and girls? Protection from abuse and murder? WHY are they abandoned and ignored by OUR laws, not to be known until after they are dead?

PRAY for an end to the nightmare of islam. (Not just ‘radical islam”). PRAY that ISLAM is driven back to the Fires-of-HELL where it belongs with Big Mo, the leader of the pedophiles.

Save the Children. End The Madness. Become active in your communities. DEMAND your rights as FREE citizens. Do NOT allow islamists to subvert our rights to Free Speech, Assembly and RELIGION.

STOP Sharia Finance. Stop the Stealth Jihad. Stop Sharia Law. Read about it. LEARN  all  you can and  Get involved !

And, also, remember to PRAY like your life depends on it because: IT DOES!

Satan is no longer knocking at the door.  He’s HERE!! He’s murdering these beautiful children: WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

Video from an important article on  Atlas Shrugs

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