Don’t Drink the Obama-lade! (a look at the dark side…)

Don’t Drink the Obama-lade!


INGREDIENTS: massacres in Gaza, Rick Warren, escalation of the Afghanistan war, Hillary Clinton, bailout of big business, Rahm Emanuel, blaming Black people for problems the system inflicts on them, “coming together” with those who hate gay people, Robert Gates, whitewashing torture by the Bush regime, and the Patriot Act.

SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Obamalade causes massive loss of life in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Pakistan and many other countries; continued attacks on Black people, women, immigrants, gays & lesbians; political cowardice that is dangerous to the health of humanity. If, after drinking Obamalade, you find yourself accepting the crimes of this system — you should immediately take 2 doses of reality and report to the nearest movement of resistance against these crimes.

This warning comes to you from our local Manhattan Marxists at Revolution Books! Obama-ramalama hasn’t got his ducks all in a row (yet)…must be causing him so sleepness nights, cause…these are HIS people! And as an FYI…more from this hellhole…a look at some of the stuff they’re pushing:

June 14, Sunday, 3pm
ART AUCTION– Art fom the Chinese Cultural Revolution to benefit Revolution Books


On auction: Rare artworks from revolutionary China (1949-1976). Porcelain statues, posters, Mao badges, teapots, and other historic pieces brought back from China by friends of Revolution Books . @ Revolution Books, 146 W. 26th Street. Auction services donated by auctioneer from Bloomsbury Auctions. There will also be a silent auction, something for everyone. Come support your bookstore.


And this tastey post:

Download the secret torture memos from the Office of Legal Counsel and read them for yourself. They are a “how to do it” manual for the application of torture.

You’ll have to check out Revolution Books if you really need these manuals…we just can’t bring ourselves to link to this scum!

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