“The Muslim Persecution of Christians” (video)

Persecution by Islam…not “Islamists”. America wake up. Know Thy Enemy!!

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Dear Freedom Center Supporter,

Over the past few decades there has been a systematic and brutal campaign being leveled at the world’s Christian community. This has been happening in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. As disparate as these regions are, the common thread in all of these cases of persecution is that the perpetrators are Muslims. The Muslim persecution of Christians has reached Genocidal proportions.

It is an issue that no one wants to discuss. The level of international attention given to this issue is deafeningly quiet. No outcry, marches, protests, no speeches on the floor of Congress, no speeches at the United Nations. There are no major Hollywood productions and no Tibet-like bumper stickers.

Millions of Christians have been put to death for the sole reason that they are Christian. All of these deaths have been at the hands of Muslims, who kill the “infidel” in the name of their prophet Muhammad.

The time for silence at this Genocidal persecution of Christians is over. The Freedom Center has written pamphlets and numerous articles on this issue, screened an exceptional movie by Pierre Rehov and brought speakers on the campuses of America to shine a light on these atrocities.

Now, the Center is releasing another in its series of flash videos to show in striking reality, the plight of the world’s Christians and to explain the threat they face. Our flash videos have been viewed by millions, from students to activists, the media and public officials.

This flash video, The Muslim Persecution of Christians is a vital tool that can be used to spread the truth and expose the nature of Islam and the threat it poses to all peoples of the world and in this case specifically, the plight of the Christians. The once vibrant Christian communities of the Middle and North Africa are disappearing before our eyes.

It is vital that not only Americans, but the whole world see what is happening. In order for us to have this flash video reach the millions that is necessary for it to have a full impact, we need to raise $55,000 over the month. Those funds will be used to secure targeted lists, post ads on websites, campus newspaper ads, radio spots and mailings.

We hope you can help us today by following this link to give $25 or more. This donation will go a long way in helping us reach our goal and bringing the plight of millions of Christians into the light. Thank you for your support.

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