More from CPAC 2009- Day 3-videos, pics and some observations…

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs introduced David Horowitz. 

At first, his speech didn’t seem to have the specifics one would expect, but as he warmed up Horowitz  spoke to the familiar topics regarding education.

Higher Education and the Loss of Liberty (Part 1)

Alan Charles Kors teaches European intellectual history at the University of Pennsylvania where he is professor of history and holds the George H. Walker Endowed Term Chair. He has fought for academic freedom since his arrival at the University of Pennsylvania. TSM found the professor to be delightful and insightful; most impressive. we had no idea he was following so closely on the end of Horowitz’s speech and consider that to be ‘good fortune’. We are now fans of the brilliant Professor Kors.

Higher Education and the Loss of Liberty (Part 2)

A few  screen shots of Straw Poll results as we waited for Rush to appear:

A ‘taste’ of Rush in the ‘spill-over’ room

The Ambassador Room at the Omni Shoreham. This was as close as we were going to get  to Rush It was the final day of CPAC and all the main events were fruitless pursuits with lines that never ended. We in the Ambassador Room  may have been the spillover but our spirits were high (though a bit tired an hour and some 20 minutes later)

Happy to report we’ve found a link to Rush’s whole CPAC speech(in 1o parts). Thanks to Two Sisters From The Right who linked  here>>

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