(video) as lefties and ‘palis’ march for the death cult called hamas

Part 1-brooklyn bridge to 34th st

Part 2- 34th st to columbus circle

Part 3: only videos of the march

This info below is from the ‘palis and friends” who walked for ‘death to the Jews’. It’s a FACT: If you march with a death cult (named hamas) that demands death to Israel…you are marching for ‘death to the Jews”…

They claim:

“YOU can do SOMETHING. Visit http://www.walktostop.com.A walk of solidarity across New York City to raise awareness and funds for the Gaza humanitarian crisis. Our silent, yet powerful walk will raise funds for American Near East Refugee Aid, an American non-profit founded in 1968, which will provide medical supplies, food and shelter directly to the victims in Gaza.”

Hey! HOW  ABOUT  THE VICTIMS IN ISRAEL…Victims of the terrorist death-cult named HAMAS? (nope …not a cent raised for them…right?)

They walked. And walked and WALKED (6.5 miles)

And the public reaction was typical New York: Nobody cared!

Our police had to babysit this group from Brooklyn to Columbus Circle:


All Pictures are posted here>>Image hosted by Webshots.com
by redsquirrel08

These ‘peace’ marchers think if you just make nice and hamas will make nice, oh,brother: Tell that to the Swedes. It’s the same world-wide-death-cult-named-hamas (throwing rocks and eggs and fireworks) because they want ….the violence to stop?!” (Not!)

Read more about how ‘peaceful’ the hamas-gazan bullies are here>>

Watch the video. Unprovoked VIOLENCE against a peaceful demonstration. The “I Heart Gaza” ‘peace’-marchers still don’t get it: They’re marching for ‘peace’ with the murders, with terrorist sympathizers. Just cause you want them to ‘make nice’, this video proves, wishing is NOT going to make it happen.

And read this from  marypmadigan.wordpress.com (plus video) about MORE  ‘peaceful’ support for hamas (death-cult) : “Demented Cow Smashes British Grocery” >>

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  1. Well, they’ve persuaded the dhimmis to wear their “uniform.” white t shirt and keffaya/scarf, IRA style.

    Next step, green headbands and guns.

    Finally, cute little American girls in suicide belts – remember the Moonies…?

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