Howard Stern…listen and WEEP! man-on-the-street in Harlem….

We may not be fan of ol Howard…but Howard!! “You MADE my DAY!”

BUT…these people are gonna VOTE!!!!

hat Tip: Liberty Boys

6 responses to “Howard Stern…listen and WEEP! man-on-the-street in Harlem….

  1. This is brilliant — not the voters (good Gawd!) but the interviews. If there was an intelligence test required for voting none of these folks would have a say in elections.

  2. Unbelievable.

    So much for informed voters. Maybe it would be a good idea that voters, before they were allowed to vote, had to pass a basic knowledge test – who the candidate’s running mate is would be a good qualifier!

  3. Talk about racism!
    Blacks are only voting for obama cause hes black! theres more prrof of it!!

  4. This does not surprise me at all-only confirms my suspicions –

    God, Please, Bless America-

  5. Not suprising. Now Obama has Colin Powell’s endorsement. Powell says he was disappointed in McCain’s choice in Palin. Powell says she has no experience. And Obama has more??? What did I miss?????

  6. Not surprised!! unfortunately

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