BHO and Ground Zero Etiquette….great video

See it all at Michelle Malkin

“It jist don’t sit-right”….Barack(aka Barry)…Let’s see…We gotta choice to make here….TOSSING or placing that rose….

In the video you can see how uncomfortable Obama is… and passing by the first greeters (firemen)…not shaking their hands! Where’s that ‘magic-touch’?!

There’s lots more at Michelle Malkin (a longer video)

2 responses to “BHO and Ground Zero Etiquette….great video

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  2. Watch how all the visitors carry their roses – some with reverence for the visit`s occasion , one carries it carelessly dangling from one hand , as if it were merely a prop.

    The toss reveals a great deal more than the MSM would like , about the values B. Hussein Obama shares with we ordinary Americans.

    As well , notice the way the McCains greet and treat the members of the NYPD ,NYFD , and the others present. I believe the McCains understand sacrifice in a way that is beyond Obama , and it shows.

    Obama is culturally clueless , yet presumes to be ready for America`s highest elected office , the most visible of our cultural aspirations , the Presidency.

    This is sad beyond words.

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